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Do guests wear shoes in your home?

I have recently purchased a new house that has brand new white carpeting throughout. Although I did not choose the carpet I don't want to replace brand new carpet. I have been told that the best way to keep it clean is to have a rule that everyone takes their shoes off at the door. I am not sure how to go about this rule change. My kids who are 8,10,and 12 have always been allowed to wear shoes in the house as have I. What do you do about guests that visit? What do you wear in the house if you have a no shoes rule? I am moving into the house in early fall and want to know how to best handle this situation.

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    Everyone takes their shoes off in my home. I too had to make the transition from a shoes on type home to a shoes off one when we started this rule in our home. The hardest part will be just getting your family into the habit of taking their shoes off at the door. I was fortunate to have a co-worker of mine help me with my transition as she had successfully established this rule in her home many years earlier. Some of the best advice I can give to help you successfully make the switch to a no shoes rule, is to sit down and talk with your family. If you don't have the support of your family it will never work. Although some may be resistant to the idea, just explain all the benefits of having a no shoes house and make sure everyone has an opportunity for their opinion. After my kids agreed to our new house rule, I made up a sign that went on the garage door to remind everyone to take their shoes off.

    I am not super strict about our no shoes rule with guests although I do prefer it if they leave their shoes at the door. What I have found works really well is to do the following:

    1. Always have a few pairs of shoes by the door, this is a good signal to someone arriving that no shoes are worn in the house.

    2. Answer the door in your socks. If you decide to wear house shoes or slippers that is great but someone coming to the door would not know that. Socks seem to indicate to people that shoes off is the rule. Also if you expect others to walk around without shoes then you should be doing so as well.

    3. Always thank people for taking off their shoes. When someone comes over and just automatically takes their shoes off I make it a point to say "thank you for taking your shoes off, I really appreciate it."

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    if you're going to use the no shoes roll all people in the family need to follow the rules including yourself. I suggest that you have a no shoes rule with white carpet otherwise you can be replacing it or doing a lot of cleaning on it. Another thing you can do is get some visqueen aka plastic that's made for flooring at Home Depot and have runners. Good luck

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    Just had the carpet cleaned, not sure why but everyone takes their shoes off immediately.

    Put a sing up # Take shoes off #

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    If, if, you are going to make this a rule....make sure every family member follows it.

    Now, regarding guests that is another story.

    Some guests may say...."How stupid that I need to follow that rule. Now come on."

    Others will accept it and just say..."If I need to then I will take off my shoes."

    Get plastic liners to help just incase some guests frown upon that.

    You do not want to cause a fight over taking off shoes. ha!!!

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    No, but maybe it's a Canadian culture thing. Everybody is expected to remove their shoes inside your front door.

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    We do NOT wear our outdoors shoes beyond the foyer. Nor do we let our guests. We provide indoor slippers for them.

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