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Anonymous asked in PetsFish · 7 years ago

Can I keep killifish in a baby biorb?

More specifically blue steel killifish or bluefin notho killifish?

If so, how many?

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  • 7 years ago
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    A baby biorb contains about 4 gallons or 15 liters. You probably could keep a male of either species in there. If you had lots of plant cover, did 50% partial water changes (most weeks) with treated water of the same temperature, ideally left open over night to absorb oxygen & expel noxious gases & fed them faithfully what they could eat in a couple of minutes you might be successful.

    Some vendor must have seized upon that pretty archaic name of "blue steel killifish" from before World War II. It is most likely one of the many strains of Fundulopanchax gardneri. The gardneri are sometimes though of as the "guppy of the killifish" Just as with one's first well planted 10-gallon / 40 liter guppy tank, young pairs will grow up with a pair of gardneri that is well fed so they leave the fry alone. A couple of such tanks provide us with all the pairs we can take to local fish club auctions. If they have a collecting location with them (Makurdi, P-82, Misaje, Nsukka, Jos Plateau) keep them breeding only with that strain. They also will sell at auction for twice what the generic "gardneri" go for.

    The "bluefin notho killifish" is a name cooked up by another vendor. There are over 60 species & strains of Nothobranchius, many of them with blue fins. :)

    Better known among "killie-nuts" as Nothobranchius rachovii, the "racs" are indeed among the most beautiful of the genus. Nothobranchius or "Nothos" are annual fishes, hatching from resting eggs in the mud usually on the bottom of dried savanna pools. Seasonal rains fill the depression. Mosquitoes lay their eggs which hatch. Tiny crustacean eggs hatch out of the mud, as do most of the killifish eggs there.

    Needing mouth sized live foods, the ravenous baby Nothos grow very fast, sometime spawning within 2 months, a good move since the pond may dry up in 3 to 10 months!

    Annual fish from South America have lived from 3 to even 5 years in our tanks. But Nothos seem to be programmed to suddenly age short of a year and die a week after the decline Our very vibrant racs did that at 10 months & nothing we could do stopped their passing. If we miss 2-3-4 partial weekly water changes, that also can trigger that terminal ageing process sooner.

    N rachovii is not the easiest of Nothos to keep. Good beginner Nothos include guentheri, korthausae & even eggersi.

    Certainly other killie keepers have kept a breeding pair in a 2.5 gallon/ 10 liter tank with a sponge filter & a mop or a mop & dish of boiled (rinsed) peat moss. Mostly the Nothos get live food unless you can get a little defrosted stuff to move in the bubble current - their movement can trigger the rac's feeding response. Please notice that a conventional 2.5 gallon tank has a lot more surface area than that little biorb.

    However uneaten food should be siphoned out when no one has eaten it or is likely to. Otherwise the small tank is especially vulnerable to pollution, as thew rotting flesh spews ammonia into the water while sucking oxygen out of it. Decaying brine shrimp seems to provide a great environment for a bloom of velvet, the scourge of killie keepers. Velvet, like Ich, is often in a fish tank's water & (in cyst form resistant to cloramines) even in the public water mains. Dirty water allows the parasites to thrive while also compromising the fish's immune systems.

    On the whole though a 40-liter/ 10-gallon tank is cheaper and roomier for a pair of killifish. And the environment is much more stable than in a smaller container.

    If you have never had egg laying fish spawning in your tank(s) before I would recommend starting with gardneri. (We received a pair as a wedding present 40 years ago & have never been without at least a tank of gardneri ever since.) As you gain experience keeping killifish, certainly consider keeping racs down the road.

    You may have more opportunity to buy killifish in a UK shop that we have in the US. However there is also the British Killifish Association, with their web site, local chapters & auctions. It is handy being able to interview the person who raised your new killies.

    I hope you can get a pair or trio (M,F.F) of these wonderful killies and that they thrive for you!

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  • 7 years ago

    15 litres is not enough space for these fish unfortunately, they need 50 litres minimum preferably 70+ litres. The baby biorb is only suitable for a few small tetras, putting things like killifish in it is just cruel.,

    Source(s): Work in top 20 up aquatics store
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  • 4 years ago

    Te mountain minnows can but not the black moor/

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