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War Of The Worlds DVD?

I am looking for the War Of The Worlds version DVD with the head of Richard Burton superimposed on the screen as a CGI which I believe was performed onstage.

If anyone knows I would appreciate the info as to what the exact title is and if it's available on DVD, preferably in Blu Ray.

I have looked for this but there are quite a few versions and I am not sure which one.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.



For Squidmaster,

Thank you for your excellent answer and the extra info about "The New Generation".

Although I am a fan of Neeson I would prefer the version containing the head of Burton so I have ordered the version 'The War Of The Worlds Live : Special Edition [2 disc]' in the hope that this is the with Burton's head rather than Neeson's.

Thanks again.


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    That's Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds.

    Jeff Wayne did a musical version of war of the Worlds ages ago and released the album(featuring Richard Burton as the narrator). A few years ago he turned it into a stage show, and that's the one you're thinking of.

    Its not available on BluRay, but is on DVD.


    For the record, if you get a chance to see the show live, I strongly recommend it. It's a great show!

    FURTHER NOTE: The album got rereleased a little while ago with a subtitle "The New Generation". The DVDs haven't changed yet (as far as I know) but it's possible that they might. "The New Generation" is pretty much the same as the old except that it has longer CG videos, a few small changes to the music, and the Richard Burton head is replaced with a Liam Neeson hologram.

    This version is CD only, and not DVD, but be on the look out if it changes depending on which version you want.

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