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My bank account was closed without notice?

I have a bank savings account that was closed without notice. I didnt know this until after i made an EFT payment with a electronic cheque for my internet. Is there any sort of penalty of law for making payments with routing numbers and bank accounts that are closed? I did not know my bank account had been closed out before making payment.

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    You might get charged a fee, but since it was an electronic transfer even that might not happen. There are no laws against accidentally trying to transfer $$$ to a closed account.

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    As long as you let your internet company know that there was an error with the first payment and make a new payment to them, they will not have an issue with it.

    You will also need to check with the bank about why the account was closed and fix any issues they have with you and your accounts.

    If you try to use a closed account without fixing the mistakes, you can be charged with check fraud. (even though it is an electronic transaction, the charges would be similar.) As long as you correct the mistakes and take care of any charges that happened because of it, (such as "bounced check charges", ) you will not face any criminal charges in court.

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  • 4 years ago

    as long as you enable your information superhighway corporation recognize that there became as quickly as an errors with the popular fee and make a clean charge to them, they gained't have an disadvantage with it. you will even have have been given to evaluate with the financial corporation approximately why the account became as quickly as closed and attach any issues they have have been given with you and your money owed. if youin case you attempt to apply a closed account without fixing the errors, which you would be charged with check out fraud. (even though it somewhat is an digital transaction, the expenses would desire to be equivalent.) as long as you perfect the errors and preserve any expenses that got here approximately thinking the actual undeniable fact that of it, (inclusive of "bounced study costs", ) you are going to now no longer face any criminal costs in courtroom docket.

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  • 7 years ago

    You will be charged a Return check fee and late payment fee if its late. Good luck!

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