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Opening a bank account without proof of address?

I am a UK citizen, but I haven't lived here since 1999. I moved back 3 weeks ago, in with my father and I want to open a bank account but I can't because they need a proof of address. What am I supposed to do?

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago
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    Register with a GP so that you get an up to date NHS card.

    Contact the local council and ask to go on the electoral register at your current address - that will give you something official addressed to you.

    Contact DVLA to get your UK licence back at your current address

    Anything will take a few weeks - but those are the easiest ones I can think off.

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  • Athene
    Lv 7
    7 years ago

    Proof of address can exist in a number of forms, for example a letter from your new GP (or the NHS), a letter from the Inland Revenue (ask for your NI history for example or confirmation of notification of resuming UK residency), a letter from the DWP (have you applied for JSA or ESA?), or an attestation from the owner/renter of the property you're living at (presumably your father). The latter would probably go a longer way if you're applying for an account at a bank where your father is a client.

    Also look at the "proof" lists provided by banks carefully. The Halifax and Co-op are reputedly more flexible than most banks. Also consider the Post Office.

    Good luck!

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Bank managers don't open accounts as a general rule - it is something left to a minion. And with what funds did your 'friend' open this account? There are rules in the UK for opening accounts - the institution is liable if the money is found to be stolen or otherwise connected with crime. Would you like to name the bank and the branch you went to?

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  • 7 years ago

    sadly, proof of address is a key element required when opening an account and no bank/building society will open a standard account without it.

    That said, international banks such as HSBC do offer accounts (HSBC passport) for international citizens where proof of address is not required but a month fee is.

    Alternatives you could try to get proof of address;

    -If your employer has provided you with a contract of employment or payslip with your current address on it, you may be able to use that.Alternatively, your HMRC P2 'PAYE Coding Notice' which notifies you what your tax code is usually accepted as proof of address alongside a current Drivers License or Passport.

    -Contact your local HMRC tax office

    -Alternatively apply for a Prepaid Card. Prepaid cards are great for students and those that have little or no credit history. Once the card is sent to your home, use the letter that comes with it as proof of address.

    A Prepaid Account Card can also be the perfect alternative to a bank account:

    •Some prepaid cards allow you to use them like a bank account and have your wages paid directly to your card's account – without any links to any other account you may have.

    •There are no unexpected bank charges and very little paperwork to fill in to get an account.

    •Just use it like a bank account, pay bills online and set up regular payments for everything from your gas and electric bill to your broadband.

    otherwise the standards forms of proof of address are:

    •Utility Bills: gas, water, electric, cable TV or land-line phone bill (not mobile) that's less than three months old

    •Local authority Council Tax Bill issued within the current financial year

    •UK bank statement that's less than three months old (internet statements aren't acceptable)

    •UK Credit Card statement that's less than three months old (internet statements aren't acceptable)

    •Tenancy Agreement or Council rent book (must be current)

    •Catalogue or Mail Order Statement that's less than three months old

    •Hire Purchase Statement of Account

    •Pension Book

    •UK Photocard Driving License with current address and full paper counterpart

    •Medical card / NHS Card

    •UK Mortgage statement that's less than three months old (internet statements aren't acceptable)

    •Motor insurance or Home Insurance certificate issued within the last 12 months

    Source(s): ex banker
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  • 7 years ago

    Are you on the electoral roll anywhere?

    If the address on his driving license is out of date, the license must bear his full name and date of birth to be acceptable.

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  • 7 years ago

    U need to present them proof.Otherwise you can't open an account.It is for you.If you didnt present proof anybody can withdraw money by justifying they are the owner.Be Safe....Thanx

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