Dreaming about walruses, empty swimming pools and winter?

I was sitting in the driver's seat of a car parked in a public swimming pool parking lot. I could see the pool in the distance. It was Olympic sized, empty and a few people were standing around it chatting and looking into it. The car was running and I had the door open with one foot on the floorboard and one foot on the black top of the lot but I was relaxed in the driver's seat not trying to exit. It was winter and lightly snowing but there was no accumulation on the ground. The grass was still green and the trees had green foliage. I was wearing a tightly buttoned jacket with the hood up and a scarf. I had my hands in the jacket pockets during the entire dream. I don't remember feeling cold in the dream but I do remember the sensation of snowflakes melting on my face.

Ryan Dunn leaned into the car and said "C'mon." So, I got out and followed him past the pool. I looked into the pool as I passed. There were three walruses in the pool. One was battered and obviously dead. The other two had severe injuries and were barely moving. I had the impression that the walruses had been fighting each other. A scuba diver surfaced from a narrow hole in the pool bottom which was the only part filled with water. The diver was holding something but I couldn't see what it was because the diver's back was to me. Ryan Dunn turned to me as we were walking and asked "Do you mind if I smoke?" I said "No" as we reached the top of a small embankment and looked down into a valley.

Then I woke up. Any ideas what this means?

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  • 7 years ago
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    a high dose of wellbutrin?

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