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How Do I Re-Install Google Play Services?

The other day i was on my phone clearing out some space for some more apps, deleting things i didn't use and unknowingly i deleted Google play services which apparently is needed to run youtube and Facebook messenger properly. So I attempt to install it again and apparently It's not a downloadable app, i then tried to load youtube when it said 'Press To Install Google Play Services' so i pressed it and it opened the play store as normal and it said sign into your google account, so i signed into my new google play account and I clicked download and it said to sign in again and this loop repeated over and over about 7 times. Can anyone give me some help on fixing this problem without restoring factory settings?


WITHOUT Restoring To Factory Settings

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    Reset your phone to factory settings

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    1.Open C:/Program Files/Internet Explorer. Check you have IE setup 481 Kb file. Open it and follow the instructions. Or 2. Start/Settings/Control Panel/ .Add remove Pgms/Windows/UNistall IE You will not be allowed to uninstall but option to repair . Try this also.. 3. Try Windows Update. and install all IE updates. 4. Click Help on IE and report here the version you have. with updates . Is it IE6SP1 etc ?

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