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What are the Russian versions of these names?

name 1 (for a boy) : Jenny-Talia Skott Leons

name 2 (for a girl) : Zakkary Dylan Leons

nmae 3 (for a girl) : Derek Mae Leons

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  • 7 years ago
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    Name1: Zhenia or Женя

    Name2: Zakhar or Захар (actually it is boys name)

    Name3: no version

    To Susie: shame on you!

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  • 4 years ago

    Antonina Pascha Catarina Vova Lara Aleksandra Milena Melora Mischa Liliya Nessa Ivana Tatiana Darina Vera Irina Dmitriy Ivan Laurente Eduard Luka Aleksandr Maxim Fyodor Nikolai Marko Stefan Yuri Uriah Anatoliy Viktor Konstantin

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  • 7 years ago

    Jenny like to shot russian "Zhenya" full name is Evgeniy. This name come from greek εὐγενής - noble. This name have female form - Evgeniya, shot is Zhenya too. Surname don't translation or associated with russian analogue.

    So, this mane like to Жанна Zhanna. It's carbon paper from the French "Jean" that match russian Иоанна (Ioanna), Иванна (Ivanna) that have old-jewish origin. This is female name.

    Zakkary like to male name Захар (Zakhar). This name have jewish roots from זְכַרְיָה‎ - remember God, but come to Russia through greek Ζαχαρίας.

    Derek is name of old-german origin form "Theoderic" and haven't derect analogue in russian language. Wa can draw a parallel with russian male names: Денис - Denis, Данил(а) - Danil(a), Еремей (Eremey); and female - Дарья (Dar'ya), but it have nothing to do with name Teodoric.

    Source(s): knoladges, wiki
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  • Hayley
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    7 years ago



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