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How can I change my avatar photo and username?

I've tried going to the profile... Change name... I've typed in the name and although it says that it's been changed... I still come out as ?

I can't choose the 'change photo' option.. it's not clickable.

When I go to profile... I don't get the usual avatar photo with an option to change it...only four boxes..

Account Info, Content preferences, Profile privacy, Connected accounts.

Can anyone help?


Zygote etc... How do I contact Y!A customer services?? there a link??

Update 2:

Riki... 'take a while'???..I've tried this months ago... still, I'm called '?' and I have to make do with a silhouette!

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    Try this follow the upload directions closely. Choose either a cartoon or a photo avatar

    The Yahoo avatars page is no longer available but you can do this:

    Create a personal avatar below not a moving or large one, right click and save it to you pc then follow the upload directions below..

    Photo or avatar upload Follow these directions.

    Click your current avatar then click view profile or go to ,

    click your current avatar , click change picture in the centre, click the upward arrow on left, "edit my public profile" browse and select the avatar or pic you want from your pc, follow the prompts.

    Change name. Click your avatar, click Edit My Preferences, click Change name, Make the change. Click submit. It could take a while to take effect.

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  • I've actually just changed mine about 10 mins ago to a different avatar and removed a couple of letters from the name.

    What I experienced was an error when changing the name and said it wasn't possible at this time and to click to contact, and when you did the tab closed by itself..... but then it successfully changed the name anyway.

    So it does look like there's it's acting up again.

    Give it another go now (as mine just changed) and then if this doesn't work do try the first troubleshooting solutions of:

    a) clearing your cookies/cache on the browsers

    b) trying another browser.

    Those will often solve it and if not then send an email to the Y! Answers team but do try both as YAT will ask you first to do so anyway.

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  • 7 years ago

    well... I enter my personal page, then I clin on: "edit preferences", and on theb "about you" section it lets me upload a photo and also change my name... I cant understand why it doesn't allow you to change your photo and why it is not clickable...

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    that sucks. sometimes i think that people report others for no reason. there should be more guidelines and there should be a way to see if the report that was made is legitimate. good luck and have fun!

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