Does the bible state how many Magi or wise men came to see Jesus ?

Matthew 2:1 New International Version

After Jesus was born in Bethlehem in Judea, during the time of King Herod, Magi from the east came to Jerusalem



No I did not , the last question was about where Jesus was when the Magi arrived .

Some clearly did not know the answer so they answered this question before I asked it.

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    Tradition first known centuries after the gospels were written assigns the number to three. Scholars believe that this number became part of that tradition because three gifts were presented to Jesus by the magi. Note that the tradition also assigns the magi the rank of kings - so it really is rather obviously an added-on fiction, what we might call Bible-based fiction like the Devil ruling in Hell and the seven layers (or circles) of Hell or "the hierarchy of the angels" (though that last, at least, has *some* sound Biblical basis).

    - Jim,

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    The Bible does not give a number for the Magi. And even if it did, they would have traveled with servants, bodyguards, pack animals, possible a wife or two, children and more. It would have been a large caravan with several hundred people in it. Their arrival is stated to have just fear throughout the city of Jerusalem. Three men on camels would not have done that

    The idea that there were three magi comes from the fact that they presented three gifts to the child Jesus. It would have been reasonable to expect some type of a gift from each visiting dignitary. So three gifts could reasonably imply that there were three Magi.

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    Most scholars agree that there was likely a large caravan. They also agree that Jesus could have been as much as two years old, because of Herod's order to slay the children.


    Psalm 72 is prophetic, and this is believed to be a reference to the magi.

    PS 72:10 The kings of Tarshish and of the isles will bring presents; The kings of Sheba and Seba will offer gifts.

  • Most assume three, but the Bible doesn't say. Some assume three since the Bible mentioned three gifts, but there could have been many more gifts, so that doesn't prove how many Magi there were.

    Source(s): 76 years of common sense, 65 years of research and 50 years of Bible study and 40 years as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. I don’t make any snap decisions.
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    It doesn't state how many Magi there were in the Bible. But all that means is that the idea of their being three of them doesn't necessarily fit the flawed sola scriptura arguing parameter. Western Christianity has traditionally maintained there were three and even offers names for them; Balthasar, Caspar, Melchior. What's interesting is that the Eastern churches also maintain there were three, but name them differently.

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    Jesus was an incarnation of a great Buddhist teacher.

    It is customary for the Buddhists to send out small search parties looking for the newly incarnated teacher after their death. 3 or 4 people.

    Read up on the way the 14th Dali lama was found.

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    no not at all. it only says how many types of gifts they brought with them and because there were three different types of gifts, people just began to assume there were only three magi.

    that is one of the problems with us christians. we tend to just pass on to one another the assumptions of those who came before us rather than studying the bible and discovering it's truths for ourselves.

    that is something which God will punish his people for when they stand before him since he clearly states in his word a commandment which says "study to show yourselves approved of by God, workmen who need not be ashamed but who know how to rightly divide the word of truth. but avoid profane and useless nonsense for they will only increase your ungodliness" (2 timothy 2:15-16)

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    Nope, just "magi", which btw, means "astrologers" as some English translations properly render.

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    No, but tradition has three based on the three gifts. Whether there was three or not doesn't really matter.

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    You already asked this. Short term memory problems?

    For the record, no.

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