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What are they scared of?

Why on earth is the American film industry not showing the Michael Douglas film about the life of Lee Liberace? Surely they aren't still keeping up the pretence that he was heterosexual.Of course he did win the libel suit he against the columnist Cassandra who wrote that he was a pederast. I thought that we had moved on from the days when actors sexual preferences had to be kept under wraps as they did with the likes of Rock Hudson. It is now almost embarrassing to see Mr Hudson making eyes at Doris Day in the old movies. In the UK it is now common for leading actors to announce that they bat for the other side, in fact many of them emphasize this as a part of their persona such as Stephen Fry and Sir Ian McKellan. Personally I am 100% straight for which I make no apologies but I have no objection to the sexual preferences of others as long they don't intend to involve me and they don't frighten the horses If they can distribute Brokeback Mountain then why not Behind the Candelabra?


If carl4uk reads it again he will see the answer to his question

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