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LiberaIs, what do you think of these 20 useless college courses?

1. "What If Harry Potter Is Real?" (Appalachian State University)

2. "God, Sex, Chocolate: Desire and the Spiritual Path" (UC San Diego)

3. "GaGa for Gaga: Sex, Gender, and Identity" (The University Of Virginia)

4. "Lady Gaga and the Sociology of Fame" (The University Of South Carolina)

5. "Philosophy And Star Trek" (Georgetown)

6. "Invented Languages: Klingon and Beyond" (The University Of Texas)

7. "The Science Of Superheroes" (UC Irvine)

8. "Learning From YouTube" (Pitzer College)

9. "Arguing with Judge Judy" (UC Berkeley)

10. "Elvis As Anthology" (The University Of Iowa)

11. "The Feminist Critique Of Christianity" (The University Of Pennsylvania)

12. "Zombies In Popular Media" (Columbia College)

13. "Far Side Entomology" (Oregon State)

14. "Interrogating Gender: Centuries of Dramatic Cross-Dressing" (Swarthmore)

15. "Oh, Look, a Chicken!" Embracing Distraction as a Way of Knowing (Belmont University)

16. "The Textual Appeal of Tupac Shakur" (University of Washington)

17. "Cyberporn And Society" (State University of New York at Buffalo)

18. "Sport For The Spectator" (The Ohio State University)

19. "Getting Dressed" (Princeton)

20. "How To Watch Television" (Montclair)

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    I read the course descriptions and I don't think they are useless. Let's look at an example.

    "GaGa for Gaga: Sex, Gender, and Identity" (The University Of Virginia) - In Graduate Arts & Sciences student Christa Romanosky's ongoing ENWR 1510 class, "GaGa for Gaga: Sex, Gender, and Identity," students analyze how the musician pushes social boundaries with her work. For this introductory course to argumentative essay writing, Romanosky chose the Lady Gaga theme to establish an engaging framework for critical analysis.

    Is that class useless because nobody makes money writing essays and articles about Lady Gaga or any other famous personalities?

    Entertainment is BIG BUSINESS. Lady Gaga is quite wealthy, and people make lots of money writing articles about her. If an elective graduate course about Donald Trump was offered at the Business College would you call it worthless? I'm not a big fan of either of these personalities, but I'm not close minded enough to call an elective course at a college that discusses them "worthless".


    "Classes I see no value in: 1, 2, 3, 7, 15, 16 (although I must admit I don't know what "Shakur" is), 18, 19 ,20."

    Let's look at class I:

    "1. "What If Harry Potter Is Real?" (Appalachian State University) - This course will engage students with questions about the very nature of history. Who decides what history is? Who decides how it is used or mis-used? How does this use or misuse affect us? How can the historical imagination inform literature and fantasy? How can fantasy reshape how we look at history? The Harry Potter novels and films are fertile ground for exploring all of these deeper questions. By looking at the actual geography of the novels, real and imagined historical events portrayed in the novels, the reactions of scholars in all the social sciences to the novels, and the world-wide frenzy inspired by them, students will examine issues of race, class, gender, time, place, the uses of space and movement, the role of multiculturalism in history as well as how to read a novel and how to read scholarly essays to get the most out of them."

    Why do you think a class that discusses the nature and accuracy of history is without value? Perhaps it has no value to you because you aren't hoping to make your living studying history. A course on rebuilding a car engine has "no value" to a person who isn't planning on being a mechanic or rebuilding their own engine. But we wouldn't say such a course taught at a technical school has no value.

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    OK....some of them might be good for observing and recording the downfall of our civilization.

    Some might just have creative titles to attract more kids to the class...for instance I can see "Lady Gaga and the Sociology of Fame" talking more about how our society creates crazy monsters just because we label them "famous". There might be some insight gained about our society and what makes us tick if we understood why we give such a high value to fame...and how we expect famous people to act. The professor might have just thrown "Lady Gaga" in the title to get more kids to take the class

    Classes I see no value in: 1, 2, 3, 7, 15, 16 (although I must admit I don't know what "Shakur" is), 18, 19 ,20.

    The rest, like the example above, I can see a possibility of a good curriculum with a creative title to attract students.

    Source(s): Not a liberal...but I once took what I thought was a BS class based on the title...turned out to cover much more than I thought and was a very informative class.
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    1) I suggest looking at the syllabi for some of these courses if you really want to know what students are learning and what academic standards they are being held to. In my experience, university professors will often try to come up with a catchy title for their classes to attract student enrollment, but it doesn't mean that's the most accurate description of the coursework. For example, the GaGa for Gaga: Sex, Gender, and Identity class at the University of Virginia is probably a pretty traditional, academically rigorous Women's Studies class that happens to use real-life examples related to Lady Gaga.

    2) Are these traditional 3-unit courses which count toward a degree? Or are they 1-unit P/NP classes that universities offer as an opportunity for their students to relax and take a fun class to balance out their otherwise extremely rigorous courseload?

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    speaking as a conservative, I would like to point out that the title of the class doesn't always reflect the value of the class. No one can build a major around what you have listed, nor do I see any of those being worth 3 credits; but I can see the potential value of at least half of those as a 1 credit elective.

    On the other hand, the worst class I took in college was History of Western Architecture, which I still think has a great title, but the content and effort that the instructor put into it made it worthless. (Except as an example of how classes can go wrong)

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    How about the one I majored in... Music?

    Good thing I also got a Computer Science degree.

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    I'm curious, why is the question directed to Liberals? Do you trust their opinion more?

    I imagine you could learn more about the courses if you were interested. They are electives, naturally.

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    For a second I was worried you took all those classes! I was gonna ask how you possibly conjured up the intelligence to even turn your computer on!

    Keep up the great work!

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    Think college is a waste of time now anyway. Too expensive and for what exactly are we paying for? sports programs that most of the campus will never use.

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    Wow. Things sure have changed!

    When I went to University, most Liberals included myself tended to go more for Computer Science, Mathematics, and Engineering under Liberal Arts!

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    They're electives to get you where you're going. Btw, how's everything down at the truck driving school?

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