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Why do people think that three wise men visited Jesus?

They didn't.


I didn't say that astrologers didn't visit Jesus. They are unnumbered. The Bible never once said that THREE wise men visited Jesus. They brought three types of gifts.

This question is designed to show people that they need to know there Bibles better. Because this is just a little trivia but it shows that more important things may pass them by if they don't "take in accurate knowledge." John 17:3.

Update 2:

Tim-You are right. They could have been three. The Bible doesn't say how many. Good point.

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    No one knows how many wise men went to visit Jesus and present Him with gifts: "three" is just a tradition. Since "magi" is plural, there was absolutely more than one wise man who went to visit Him. And they DID visit Him (see Matthew 2). They didn't go to see Him at His birth, but some time afterwards. They told Herod when the start had appeared (Matt 2:7), and based on that, he had all the males born of Bethlehem who were under 2 years of age murdered (Matt 2:16-18). They presented Him gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh (Matt 2:11). These gifts symbolize His kingship (gold), His priesthood (frankincense) and His death (myrrh).

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    The KJV refers to them as 'wise men' at Matthew 2:1.

    Other translations render the Koine Greek word 'magoi', from which the English 'magi' is derived, as astrologers.

    Dr Richard P. Bucher's informative article on:… explains under the heading, "Why do we call them "wise men"?"

    "Because, as said above, magi were priests, serving an ancient priesthood, astrologers, interpreters of dreams, and government officials who had the authority to elect the Parthian king. In the context of the times, because they served these roles and had such amazing knowledge of mysteries as these, they were considered to be the scholars of the day."

    Matthew 2:1 does not give the number, just that they were Magian astrologers, that is, a plural number, that could likely have been anywhere from two up to eight.

    Did they get to see Jesus? Yes, according to verse 11, they did.

    So it is fair to say that three wise men [according to a view that has nothing to do with Godly wisdom] may have visited Jesus, but, then, who knows how many there were?

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    Did three kings riding camels come to Jesus’ birth? The Bible does not say that any kings or camels visited young Jesus.

    It does report wise men (“magi”) came, but it does not say how many. None of the early Church Fathers, suggested the magi were kings. Since the word “magi” used in the Bible is plural, there were apparently at least two, and there could have been more—even several more. The Bible simply mentions three costly gifts they presented—gold, frankincense and myrrh, but this does not necessarily indicate the number of magi. There is also no proof of what country these men came from.

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    The scriptures do not tricky as to how many kings, shepherds, astrologers known as clever guys came to become aware of the Christ little one. It most effective states the that three types of presents had been presented via them. They furnished their gifts from their treasures; they provided gold and frankincense and myrrh... Myrrh being an awfully costly and pricey fragrance oil. The following misconception is that the sensible guys or astrologers who sought Jesus being led by means of a celeb did not come to Jesus while he was within the manger within the steady but by the point they discovered Jesus he used to be just about two years ancient; the scripture at Matthew 2; 11 states; " and going into the apartment they noticed the baby with Mary his mom." word that the scripture did not seek advice from him as an boy or girl however a "little one"; also that they entered into the "residence" that Mary and Joseph now had moved into. They weren't within the stable where the nearby shepherds of the fields found them on the night time of his start.

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    Very good. You are correct, the bible does not give the number of the Magi. We assume three because there were three gifts.

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    How do you know? Were you there?

    Actually the Bible doesn't state how many there were. It could have been as few as two or up to thousands. Also, the Bible doesn't even say they when they visited. It could have been days up to years before they arrived there.

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    3 presents. the orthodox greeks say there were 6 kings

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    have you read Jesus, Interrupted? since your on the right steps

    there isn't any evidence of the stories with Jesus, we only have 2 sentences of actual historic writings about him and it might not be referring to this Jesus. all the stories that are with jesus are made up

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    Why do you keep questioning the bible?

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    Because we wouldn't get presents on Christmas if they didn't.

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