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Whats a good mobile phone for 100 pound uk?

Ok I want it for music and gaming I could get a memory card for space that's fine I just only have 100 quid to spend on it so any good ideas would be lovely.


Don't care about network its on just need a new phone

I have a lg gt540 optimus on firmware 1.6 and my laptop will not update it also it falling apart

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    I'd recommend the Nokia Lumia 520 - from just £99.95 on your choice of O2, Orange or T-Mobile PAYG. Lumia 520

    If you are currently an O2, T-Mobile, Orange or Virgin Mobile PAYG subscriber, you can upgrade to the Lumia 520 for just £89.95. Lumia 520

    It has Facebook, Twitter, Xbox, Office and Skype built in. There's Nokia Music for completely free and unlimited music mixes, and the world's best maps. The home screen makes it really easy to organise all your favourite people, apps and information.

    It has 8GB of storage with expandable memory, a 5MP camera and a super sensitive 4" touchscreen.

    Hope this helps!

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    the Huawei Ascend Y300 is without doubt the best smartphone under £100:

    it has a 1 GHz dual core processor, 512Mb of ram, with android 4.1 and a quite good 5mpx camera for its price.

    it is enough to have a decent user experience. It's not too small (even if it's not big at all), and it's not too slow, for surfing the web and using app, and even for game (except the really heavy ones).

    here you can find a review video:

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    have a look on they have many phones in your budget. i believe the samsung galaxy ace is only £79 PS also look on they have the sony experia E running latest jelly bean os for around £99.

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    See if you like Nokia lumia 520

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    Samsung galaxy ace ticks all the boxes for me look around for best deal

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    I'm looking for the same! Let me know if you find something!

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