POLL: Should Social Media enforce age limits?

I'm 20 I guess I never thought about it before. When I was young in the 90's and in school, Internet safety was a big thing, people used to talk to us and show us boring videos in elementary school. Now they don't really talk about it anymore. I've noticed on Twitter that a LOT of people are posing as celebrities (not just parody accouts, but the actual people) and a lot of these younger girls, mainly about the ages of 12-15 are getting tricked into believing that their "idols" (such as Justin Bieber, One Direction etc.) run personal Twitter accounts other than their verified ones and they're actually falling for it. It's really weird that people actually act like somebody else's fans are their own, but it's also really sad to see all these kids get manipulated the way they do. The fangirl age... lol. These girls will do nearly anything to meet or talk to them. Just want to know what you guys think.

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    7 years ago
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    I think most social networks do have age limits but these kids just lie about their ages. Nobody would really know, right?

    It's really sad when someone's life is so pathetics that they dedicate their life to being someone else. But it surrounds all the hype about celebrities. Not saying that celebs are bad or anything, but the fans can get a bit too... Attached to them.

    I can't imagine myself fainting when I meet my favourite celeb. I can't imagine myself screaming and jumping around... I can imagine myself smiling like an idiot and being awkward though lol.

    I think these teenage girls are really fooling themselves and letting themselves be fooled. It isn't so much as age limits, it's about not being educated about these things. The sooner these 'tweens' figure that out, the better.

    There so much more I could write about this subject, but I'm tired of typing. Lol. Hope this answered your question :)

  • 7 years ago

    well those girls should use their heads a little more but i mean what can you expect from that age. yeah i agree with you! many young people (mostly girls) are verbally abused and tricked into doing horrible things over the internet =/

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