How to email someone without using outlook.?

I'd like to send an email to someone on a website that I frequently visit and ask a question. There is a link that says "email me" When I click it, Outlook pops up and wants to guide me through setup. I hate outlook and do not want to set up an account on my computer. Is there anyway I can get the email address and copy it into my Yahoo email and send it from there? The email address isn't showing.

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  • 8 years ago
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    When the outlook opens automatically, it shows receiver's email account. Or you can move your mouse over that email, then right click and copy it and past it in your yahoo email. In firefox browser, when you right click, there is an option -> copy link location.

  • Jay Be
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    8 years ago

    Hit the new button. type in info like email, subject, body, etc. then hit sned

  • 8 years ago

    right click the link, it says > copy e-mail address

    Do it and paste it anywhere you want, obviously into the to field of your yahoomail


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