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Do you think Jesse Metcalfe is hot and has a hot body?

Out of all the men I have seen in my life Jesse Metcalfe by far beats all other men for the sexiest and most perfect torso. I am a 22 year old man, am I normal for being attracted to him and wanting to sex him? I put up loads of pics of him on facebook and my mum just said to me your putting loads of pictures of muscley men up on facebook and I just said oh yeah, I also have a picture of a shirtless Jesse Metcalfe up in my room and other shirtless guys, how can I break the ice properly and telly my mum I'm officially properly gay?

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    Yes I agree, Jesse Metcalfe is very hot, Ryan Gosling is hotter though! Your mum might have already guessed that you're gay from the pictures so breaking the ice should be a lot easier because she won't be as shocked. Just sit her down and come right out and say it, there's no other way to do it really. Your mum should love you for who you are and be proud of you for coming out and saying it rather than hiding it away. Good luck.

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    Jesse Metcalfe Body

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    Has your mum seen your room? If so, the ice has not only broken but is floating down-river to the sea!

    And I've got another question for YOU:

    Why don't you bother choosing answers for any of your questions? It's rude to ask us to put in time and thought, and then let every one of them go to "The Voters", which is very often somebody coming back to choose their own contribution!

    And a less important one: Why the busty broad for your avatar?

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