How do i lower the fps on my gas airsoft sniper rifle?

I will be buying the Wells G96 AWM Sniper Rifle from and the advertised fps is 550. However the field that I will be playing at only allows snipers under 500 fps. How can I lower the fps by 50+ to pass the chrono test? I heard duster gas can lower by 100 fps. Thank you for all answers.

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    8 years ago
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    There are to three ways to lower the fps;

    1. new internals - buy a kit that is compatible with the gun your getting that will lower the fps (they shouldn't be hard to find)

    risks - if installed improperly you can do damage to the gun (It shouldn't be hard because gas guns don't many parts and there will most likely be a tutorial on youtube)

    2. heavier bbs- use a heavier bb. You should do that since your gun is so strong and the fact that it is a sniper, yes your range will go down, BUT your accurate range will go way up since heavier bbs have more kinetic energy their trajectory will be a lot straighter!

    problems - the field will most likely chrono the gun using their bbs so it might not do the trick.

    3. weaker gas - one of the ups of a gas gun is that the gas you use will determine the fps some gases will raise it some will lower it. I suggest you research the ones that are weaker, make sure the gas is reliable, the cheaper gases may harm your gun, if i was spending good money on a gas gun (because they are generally the most expensive) I wouldn't cheap out on the gas.

    problems - if you use a cheap gas you could eventually ruin your gun. Remember you get what you pay for!

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    8 years ago

    If it's not adjustable fps don't buy it. I'd recommend a spring rifle instead anyway. Reasons will follow.

    First, using heavier bbs to drop your fps is a douchbag move. Velocity is always measured with a 0.2. the last guy I know of who got caught using 0.40 bbs to get his gun Down to field limits is no longer welcome at any major game in southern Ontario. A weaker gas will do the trick. As will finding out how to adjust the gas flow.

    Consistency of shot is critical for any precision shooting. Doubly so in airsoft given the inherent inaccuracy of a round ball in a straight tube. Gas rifles are inconsistent and less reliable than spring rifles. This is a big flaw, when you're trying to operate on the edge of what's possible. every little bit helps.

    Reasons to avoid gas sniper rifles.

    1. Shot to shot consistency. Gas rifles have less consistent speed from shot to shot. As the gas in the mag is used the mag cools down. A colder magazine equals lower vapour pressure and lower fps from the first to the last shot.

    2. Magazine variation. the same rifle shooting the same gas from two magazines will shoot a different speeds. this is because of variation in manufacturing of magazines and things like gas seal variation and wear.

    3. Temperature variation. A gas gun that shoots 450 fps at 8am when you chrony your gun and it's 20 degrees may be shooting 550 in the afternoon when it's in the mid 30's.

    4. Maintenance and reliability. Gas rifles need more maintenance and break down more. Green gas is hard on the seals. it's essentially propane and it degrades the o-rings in the magazine. It's not a big deal when your secondary starts to leak from a may or two. It's a big pain when it happens to your primary.

    5. Noise. A sniper is going to rely on concealment. Spring rifles make less noise.

    6. Cost. Any sniper rifle is going to be costly. Gas rifles end up costing more.

    When you chose to play as a sniper you're filling a specific role and you have some severe challenges. Without serious upgrading, sniper rifles are not significantly more accurate than AEG's. The range advantage is marginal and you're significantly out classed in firepower. Every person I know who is serious about the role uses a spring rifle and has spent at least a grand on it.

    Good luck. I hope this helps.

    Oh and nobody I know who has purchaced a well sniper has kept it more than a year. If you're serious consider Maruzen, Classic Army, or Tokyo Maui.

    Source(s): 8 years airsofting and thousands spent.
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    Gas Airsoft Sniper

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    Use heavier bbs. They are made in .12, .20, and .30 gram versions, so use one grade higher. This will lower your gun's fps without having to make any dangerous modifications to the gun's mechanism. The range of your gun will be decreased slightly and the pellets may sting more due to their weight, but that's better than not being allowed to play!

    Hope this was helpful.

    Source(s): Research and personal experience
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