Pros and Cons of Scottish Independence?

im doing an essay about scottish independence and i need to know some pros and cons! can you help?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Scotland needs independence to control it's own affairs

    The reason you don't see much in favour of independence on the news?

    The news (esp the BBC) are biased and run by the establishment.

    Don't believe me - 3 recent examples

    Denis Healey (Labour UK chancellor from 1975-1979) admitted in an interview that UK governments have downplayed the value of Scotland's oil and gas to suppress the SNP - link below

    The bbc gave 15 seconds in passing and have 'missed' this from the BBC website.

    The BBC have admitted they don't have to be impartial on the independence debate as we are not in the official 11 week campaign period before the referendum

    The BBC have another scare story "Academic warns of legal wrangle over north sea oil", yet they didn't publicise the comment from UK minister Vince Cable that the oil is in Scottish waters.

    Sorry for the rant- back to the question.

    Arguments for independence;

    No nuclear weapons 30 miles from our largest city

    No getting governments we didn't vote for

    No cuts imposed on us by Westminster

    No ATOS assessments making disabled people feel like spongers instead of valued citizens

    No bedroom tax

    No tory governments

    No privatisation of the NHS (Labour introduced a bill in the last parliament at Westminster that permits upt0 49% of the English NHS can be outsourced). The Tories are continuing with this.

    Arguments to stay in the UK (Bitter together)

    Defence jobs would go to Scotland (this one has been blown out the water as French firm THALES has been awarded a £600m contract from the UK MOD.

    Apart from the "one happy family" thing there isn't much

    The UK sacrificed the (mainly Scottish) fishing industry in the 70's as it was expendable.

    Keep the £ (this one has gone as well, an independent Scotland could use £ Sterling without the UK permission as the £ is a freely tradable currency)

    Keep the AAA credit rating (oh wait that one has gone)

    Sorry can't think of any pro UK arguments, and the Euro lies have been covered elsewhere.

    There is the usual

    Too poor to go independent (wrong)

    Too stupid (we would be stupid to stay)

    The gloss is coming off the Westminster arguments as it is now in the public domain that Westminster governments deliberately lied to the Scots;

    See McCrone Report 1974

    See Denis Healey interview (LINK BELOW)

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