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Who do you think is the better QB in their prime... Peyton Manning or Tom Brady?

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    Peyton Manning. Peyton has beaten quite a few of Brady's records and set far more records than Brady has. The only record of Peyton's that Brady beat was Peyton's record for most touchdowns in a season. And Brady only beat that by one touchdown by playing 2 more games than Peyton did. The year Peyton set the record, his head coach had him sit the final 2 games because they had already wrapped up the #1 seed in the AFC. The year Brady broke it, he played nearly every second of every game just so he could beat the record. Peyton was averaging 5 touchdowns per game. If he'd played out the final two games, Brady still would have been 9 touchdowns short.

    Also, during the prime of both players, Peyton led Brady in wins of head to head competition.

    As far as the whole 3 Super Bowls thing of Brady, quit grasping at straws Patriots fans. Brady did that in his rookie seasons. The Patriots defense won those Super Bowls, not the great play of Brady. If it was due to the great play of Brady, then how come he hasn't had a Super Bowl win in nearly a decade and how come he didn't win when he had arguably the best offense ever in 2007? Brady is better now as a veteran than he was as a rookie, yet he hasn't won a Super Bowl in a long, long time.

    The last time these two guys played each other in the playoffs, Peyton won. Peyton also won with the lowest ranked defense to ever win a Super Bowl. Let's see Brady pull that one off. Of course Patriots will counter with the undefeated regular season. Well, let's look at that. The Patriots had the very weakest schedule in the entire NFL that season based on the records of teams from the previous season. And the Colts in 2009, could have easily also gone undefeated that year. They were 14-0 going in against the Jets. They had a half time lead when Caldwell pulled the starters and they ended up losing the game. They later beat the Jets in the playoffs that year. The only team left for the Colts after the Jets was the Bills which were near dead last in the NFL. It easily would have been a 16-0 seaons. Not to mention that year Peyton knocked off Brady's record for most regular season wins in a row and I believe he beat it by 6 games.

    Heck, even last year with Peyton coming off of his injury he did better than Brady. He won 9 games in a row, more than any other quarterback last year. And he did far better against the Ravens than Brady has faired the last several years. And there's been many times in the past when Peyton has creamed the same Ravens team by nearly 30 points that creamed the Patriots in the playoffs by over 20 points.

    People claim that Peyton can't win games in the playoffs. But on the years that Peyton has been healthy the last four years, Brady has lost to the same teams. Last year they both lost to the Ravens, but Peyton came closer to winning. And in 2010 they both lost to the Jets. And in 2009 Peyton went all the way to the Super Bowl.

    Then Patriots fans bring up the whole, "Peyton had better receivers" bull. How?! The Colts 99.9% of the time picked later in the draft than the Patriots did, meaning the Patriots passed up players the Colts chose. Secondly, the Colts never brought in talented free agent receivers such as Welker and Moss like the Patriots did. And heck, the last time Peyton went to the Super Bowl, he only had one veteran wide receiver catching for him. The rest were composed of a 1 year 6th rounder with 3 catches, a 4th round rookie, and the rest weren't even drafted. I'd like to see Brady basically pull off an undefeated season and make it all the way to the Super Bowl with receivers like that.

    Not to mention Peyton made it to the post season for 9 years in a row. No other quarterback even comes close to that record by even having half that number.

    • childish reasoning, you're clearly the one grasping at straws.

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    Peyton Manning. Tom Brady is a product of Bill Bellichick's system it will make any QB look like a franchise QB remember Matt Cassel? i'm sorry but Peyton Manning is better than Tom Brady even in his prime. then look at what happened to the colts after Manning got injured they went from a playoff contender to 1st overall draft pick. With the pats if Tom Brady went down i'm sure Ryan Mallet would be able to go in and almost matt cassel like maintain that offence and the pats would still make the playoffs. without a doubt its Peyton Manning

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    Tom Brady

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    PEYTON. Both very good players and YES Brady has a better playoff record, but I think Manning is the best QB ever. Yes EVER

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    Tom Brady the Great!

    Peyton Manning is absolutely a stat padder that played in a dome. He always had a lot of talent on offense, so statistically he put up better numbers then Brady. When given talent, Brady has out-performed Manning. Also, let's not forget Manning is tied for the lead with most playoff losses of ALL-TIME!

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    Tom Brady. Peytnon Manning never beat the Pats last season.

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    Tom Brady. He Won Three Three Super Bowl Championship 2002, 2004 and 2005.

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    Manning is a stat padding system dome QB

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    Tom brady! And everyone who answered explained why.

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    Thomas Edward Patrick "Tom" Brady, Jr.

    He has earned:

    2X NFL MVP

    8X Pro Bowl Selection

    3X Super Bowl Championship - '02, '04, and '05 list merely a FEW of his accolades.

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