Immigration between Australia and New Zealand...?

Is there an agreement between Australia & New Zealand to make immigration between the two country easy? Can an Aussie live and become a resident in New Zealand relatively easily?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Australia and New Zealand have a free movement treaty between their two countries much like the way the European Union has between their member states. The only thing you need to permanently move to the other country is a current valid passport. You do not need a visa, as this is granted automatically on arrival. You still need to meet good character and health checks though. Instead of permanent residency people making the move live in either country as citizens of their home country. Becoming a formal citizen of the other country still requires going through the same application process as people from other countries. About 400,000 New Zealanders live permanently in Australia as New Zealanders under this arrangement.

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  • Brooky
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    7 years ago

    An Australian and a New Zealander can freely live and work in the other country without restriction. No visa is required - all they need is a valid passport for their own country. The are eligible to study at domestic rates and are eligible for care under the universal healthcare system in the other country.

    The agreement between the two countries is however a bit lop-sided. Once they make a permanent move, an Australian is a Permanent Resident in New Zealand and just like any other PR is eligible for social security benefits and can apply for NZ citizenship after 5 years. A New Zealander in Australia on the other hand is not a Permanent Resident even though they can live and work there permanently. They are not eligible for some of the social security benefits Australian PRs are eligible for (income support benefits like the dole) and they never become eligible to apply for citizenship. If they want PR and to be eligible for citizenship, they must qualify for a Family Stream or skilled immigration visa in exactly the same way as a person from any other country. Also, Australian PRs (i.e. immigrants from other countries) can move to New Zealand in the same way as Australian citizens but NZ PRs cannot live and work in Australia on the basis of their NZ PR.

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