Why did they stop making the Honda Element?

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    Sales of the Element continued to slump throughout the final years of its production, bottoming out with only 14,000 units in 2009. In 2003 (The Element's inductory and most successful year) Honda sold more of the cars than it did in the vehicle's final 3 years combined. Industry analysts and Honda executives blamed the Element's demise on a variety of factors: competition from similar vehicles offered by other manufacturers, rivalry within the automaker's own product line and a dwindling market share for SUVs overall.

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    Honda Element Discontinued

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    Why did they stop making the Honda Element?

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    it depends: if you turned the wheel to the left to make a left hand turn you need to give us more information if you turned the wheel to the right to make a right hand turn, you still need to give us more information. Were you driving in heavy rain, water may have splashed the distributor cap and gotten it wet, shorting out the ignition system. you could have a worn ignition lock/switch and the switch moved to the off position with the inertia of the turn. did it do it just the one time and has not happened again? a vehicle may stall for seemingly no reason at all and never do it again. please repost with more information.

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    It simply didn't sell well. There was nothing really wrong with it, it just was not very popular.

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    Low sales.


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