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Hi there, I'm Cassie , 14 yr old girl . First of all I'm living with my mom and my elder brother which is 15 yrs. old, my dad left my mom alone and she raised us and all that stuff and we don't know anythin about him as mom never spoke or told us anythin about him but what I know is that he is married to another women and he used to hit mom so hard. So we'r very poor and when I say poor I mean very , and some of you are wondering how I'm posting this and from where we'll I'm using my bff's MacBook. My mother works very hard to get us everything she works in a supermarket and she cleans there, people there treat her like crap they yell at her, push her, they call her names like slave, piece of dirt, cleaner, wpsome women make her pick up their things and carry them, and sometimes they throw tips on the floor and make her pick them. Well I'm not going to lie but I yell at her most of the time and brother does the same thing and worse but she doesn't say anything ....... Recently my bro is asking for a ps3 which is expensive as I told you mom work as a cleaner so she doesn't get paid much she almost can afford the school fees , so she told so and everything and he started yelling at her and telling her she is good for nothing and he wishes that she wasn't his mother and he rather live with his dad than stay with her . He pushes her towards the wall and yell and hit her. She embarrasses me whenever my teacher asks me about my mother's job I just feel disgusted of her and everything. I hate talking to her and i dont like answering her dumb questions like "hows school today" "what did you study" "how was the test" " what did you do" "you need any help" "what did you eat" "what do you want for dinner" "you need help with ur homework?" i just feel like I wanna punch her telling that she is stupid and good for nothing .she is very beautiful and she looks very young and cute (green eyes, light brown hair, bronze skin.her eyes turns grey when the sun hits her) but she doesnt put makeup or any thing other women put, she doesn't buy new clothes and stuff for herself, she is very thin and doesnt like to eat and sometimes she skips meals .What shall I do I hate her sooo much but she really look depressed and exhausted from work as she works full-time , I feel pity for her because we don't welcome her from work and kiss her saying we love her and everything , we don't talk to her , we yell at her all the time, we prefer dad to stay with and everything and btw she is young as she had sex with my dad at young age and now she is working so hard to satisfy our need ...

I don't know whether I'm right or wrong ! What do you guys think of me and my mother plz tell me the truth!!?

Her friends doesn't talk to her any more , they say that they can't hang out with a cleaner.

My dad doesnt pay the custody and my mom is orphan so we don't have anyone to help us

My mom is having lung disease and faces difficulty in breathing and can't afford to see a doctor, she says that we're more important than her seeing a doctor!!

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    What do I think about your mom? I think she is a strong, hard working woman. God bless her heart. She cares so much about her children that she works each day for you to have food and a home. I can't imagine the pain she must feel having such hateful kids when she puts herself before you. Actually, I think she is doing a fantastic job as a mom. There is something you need to understand, that you may not get.

    Life isn't handed to you in a perfect box. Not everyone has the luxury's of this life and everyone needs to work hard. Your mother is working hard for YOU. She is giving up her life for YOU. She is giving all her love and support to YOU. GET THAT THROUGH YOUR HEAD. Your mother deserves so much better than the life she was given, but it seems that she still found a way to get through it. If I were you I would stop being so selfish and think about someone other than yourself.

    Open your eyes, your mother can't afford a ps3, makeup, clothes, or anything luxurious. She is working hard for things that matter, and that is you. A ps3 won't put food on the table, makeup is just something extra that no one really needs. She is spending it all on her children instead of herself. Now, that is what I call real love.

    What do I think of you? I feel sorry for your mother, I feel heart broken that she has to deal with such hateful kids that won't even say thank you for all the love she is trying to bring you. A Ps3 or anything else means nothing. I would rather be dirt poor and have a loving mother than have parents that can give me anything I want but abuse me and barely get to know me. Stop thinking of yourself, for the love of god, please stop. You are putting your mother through hell, she has done nothing wrong to deserve this. Just because she can't give you material items doesn't make her a horrible person. If you think your mother is abusing you; you thought wrong. In fact, you are abusing her. Just move in with your father that never did anything for you or your brother if you can't even get the fact your mother is doing her best and loves you above everything else.

    Source(s): And another thing, I looked at all the times you put up this question, and I don't know if you want a better answer or attention. But all the answers you have received all have a common answer. "Treat your mother better". That should be motivation enough to take that step to love your mother like she loves you. She worked hard all her life helping her kids and you should be thankful she didn't leave you like your father.
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    If this is true and you are proud of yourself then you have bigger issue than a mother that cares.

    BTW: it is her right as a parent to ask you those "Dumb" questions, how else will she know how dumb you and your brother are. You can lie, but she will know. It is a good thing that you are 14 and know everything, you should use all that knowledge before you become an adult and become dumb - 14 with a bf is really the dumbest thing I have ever her. Answer her questions so she will at least know that you are not failing.

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    Hello Cassie

    First of all, lets talk about you. So Cassie am 14 too, My mom divorced when I was 7. She worked as housekeeper at a hotel. I have 3 older sister (15),(15) they are twins and a (16) year old sister. Our mom remarried to a wealthy man so we are rich now, though his manners are not nice at all we get all iwe want he married our mom because she was pretty. So, I know how you feel am Christian. But maybe your religeon doesn't allow remarriage but here is what you can do. You can baby sit for 20 per hour (that's what most get) so if you work on Saturday and Sunday for 5 hours each that would be a total of 200!!! So If you work on weekends 5 hours each day and a charge of 20 per hour you can get 800$$$ per month. So your mom has lung disease right then it's only a matter of time before she dies.Wiith this 800 you can get her to see a doctor and pay for medicine. So sweetheart if your mom dies who is going to work for you? You think some will even try to? Then you will feel sorry for her! I think your mom is a great mom! She does everything she can for you and this is how you treat her??? Why not stop shouting at her? When she comes back from work put some tea for her and take one white rose from the store costs (20cents) beside it talk to her and tell her " Mom I love you so much, I understand your trying your best to do everything for us and I appreciate it!" You don't know how much this means to her. Then tell her about your babysitting plan and how you want to help her go to the doctor. And trust me this way she will work harder and love you more than ever tears will be on her cheeks from joy! So girl I came with tis plan by putting myself in your moms shoes for a sec. Cassie you sound like a great girl honey! You sound capable and brave! Her friends are just a bunch of losers whoo love her for money. What matters is the inside and not the outside so her friends are bad. She is a very good mom who does everything she can for her children. And you Cassie you seem like a good person who is thought full, the bravest of all people are the ones who help and the baddest of all are the ones who let people suffer. I think you and your moms condition is so bad but sitting there isn't going to help. Do you know J.C walker she used to be a loundry person who sold home made shampoos for scalp disease and do you know who she became? A self mad Millioner. So backgrounds don't matter work is what matters. Cassie dear I advise you to baby sitt on weekends and work hard in school so when you grow up you can get a good job. And I advise your mom to work at Victoria's secret. I think the dust from cleaning is affecting her lungs. At V's secret the job is much easier and paying prices are higher and the job is more respectable. So what am saying is help your mom she is a dream mom. She let her life behind her and works for you. And for you Cassie you sound good but you have to work harder for your mom. And maybe after she is cured you can buy the cool stuff your friends have for yourself with the eight hundred! Works for everyone right?And Cassie you shouldn't hate her that makes you bad you should love her with all your heart and help her!

    So Cassie remember baby sit and help your mom and work hard in school and may the future be better than the past

    Best of hopes and wishes,


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    Your mom is the best mom in the world. She has lung disease. A DISEASE. How could you live with yourself for treating her like that? She's your mom. You wouldn't even be alive if it wasn't for her, and learn to respect her oh my god. Why would you even want to be near your dad? Because he's rich? He left you. He left you, your brother, and your mom. And he's not even paying custody. Your mom loves the both of you so much..... how come you can't see that? She works so hard for the both of you. She's not going to a doctor, and I bet even if she had the money she wouldn't go see one, she'd probably spend it on the both of you. Let's be real here, you and your brother are just pissed because you guys want stuff, and you're not getting it. You're wrong, and your brother is wrong.

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    You shouldn't treat your mom badly, i know that the lack of money makes you frustrated, seeing your schoolmates with nice things and you with nothing can make you angry and despise your own mother for not providing enough money, but you should know better than to prefer to stay with your piece of **** father who left you and even though he's wealthy he doesn't even give you any money wtf? And you kids still want to live with him, if i was in your position i would direct all that hatred for your mother against your father because its his fault that you are living in those conditions, treat your mom nicely because without her you'd been living in the street.

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  • 7 years ago

    Your mother sounds like a hard working and loving women but, you and your brother are ******* demons. LOL!

  • 7 years ago

    No offense, but I think you and your brother are little brats treating your poor mom like that doing everything she can do to support you guys but you still treat her like trash and you admit to it.

  • 7 years ago

    this is why im never having kids. someone needs to slap the sh!% out of you!

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