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Slim people: what do you eat day to day?

I know it's a random question, but I read an article the other day about how our attitude to food is more important in working towards or maintaining a healthy weight than the actual food itself and I was just curious...what have you been eating and drinking, when do you eat and how much did you eat? What do you do if you're craving something? Is weight ever been a worry? -on a daily basis.

If you're either at a healthy weight or slightly underweight, what have you eaten from yesterday when you woke up yesterday morning until when you went back to sleep last night?

I'm just interested in the things people come out with. I'm classed as overweight so I want to compare what other people eat to what I eat. :)

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    I'm a little underweight (5'2 and 97 pounds), and I'm 18 years old. What I have eaten today is-

    Breakfast (5:30 AM) - A coffee with whipped cream and a half a bagel with cream cheese and lox

    Lunch (12:30 PM)- school lunch of a breaded chicken sandwich with cheese, applesauce, and chocolate milk

    After school snack (2:30 PM) slice of bakery bread with butter, a half a gram cracker, a spoonful of grape jelly, and 2 ritz crackers with cheddar cheese

    Dinner (5:30 PM) pasta with tomato sauce, peas, carrots, and a half slice of garlic bread.

    Snack 2 (6:30 PM) a handful of dark chocolate chips.

    On most weekends/ vacation days it would be something like this-

    Breakfast/Lunch (about 1:00 PM- I wake up super late on weekends lol) A bowl of bran flakes with milk, a banana, and a coffee.

    Snack (about 3:00 PM) a bowl of ramen

    Snack 2 (about 5:00 PM) a jello cup and some dark chocolate.

    Dinner (about 7:00 PM) Philadelphia maki and salmon nigiri (sushi)

    Snack 3 (about 11:00 PM) half a bag of popcorn

    I don't really try to be the weight I am, I actually weigh more now than I ever have in the past.

    I'm allergic to egg, shellfish, and nuts/ peanuts, so that might have something to do with me being skinny because I can't eat cake or doughnuts or anything like that. Because of that, I've always just been used to not eating desert. Also, I don't like red meat or bacon (people think I'm really weird for saying that, but it's true) and I honestly don't really eat large portions, especially at dinner, even though I try to. My largest meal is probably school lunch, or if I go out to dinner (I don't usually eat out). I only really drink water (and coffee), and the occasional coke maybe once every 2-3 weeks or so If I go out to dinner.

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    Well weight has never been a problem for me, actually not that I know of but I usually just eat what I like, really. You don't have to eat the vegetables you don't like just to loose weight. Sports are a very good exercise. Swimming is really good for you too and since its summer, it's a perfect opportunity.

    Yesterday, I ate a muffin for breakfast - nothing for lunch :P I forgot actually - and cereal for dinner. Haha, I don't eat fancy things every meal but I'm okay with that. Today I ate bread for breakfast, home chicken nuggets, the ones you make in the oven, and I had ramen noodles for dinner. Lol not the best foods but I don't eat that much. I think that's maybe why I'm smaller than most people. :) I hope this helps. I think all you have to do it cut down eating, it doesn't matter that much what you eat. Just beware that fast food does make you gain weight though. Hope this helps!

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    I'm 6"4, 180lbs and today I consumed a total of 4,500 calories, and do so everyday.

    To break down what I eat on a daily basis:

    600g of rice (600g before it's cooked)

    3 protein shakes made with milk

    2 bowls of muesli

    4 Wheat biscuit cereal things

    400g of turkey

    4 rashers of bacon

    2 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

    About 50g of coconut oil (100% fat)

    30g of almonds.

    But then, I'm a bodybuilder, so go figure...

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  • DeAnne
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    A good healthy low carb diet/exercise plan would be:

    Breakfast: Cook 9-grain cereal (from health food store) in water with rolled oats and wheat bran. Make a big pot of it on weekends and nuke 1/2 cup each morning. Add low fat milk or yogurt, banana, walnuts and berries. Drink hot Ovaltine. Breakfast should be your largest meal of the day to raise blood sugar level which falls during the night.

    Lunch: Egg, tuna or turkey ½ sandwich on whole grain bread with bean or alfalfa sprouts and yogurt w/fruit. If you had meat loaf for dinner, bring a meat loaf sandwich on whole grain bread (NO mayo). On cold days, a squatty thermos of hot chili, split peas with ham, or beef stew.

    Snacks: Fresh (not canned) fruit: banana, orange, apple, kiwi, grapes, peach, nectarine, cherries, pineapple. No chips and nothing ever from a vending machine.

    Dinner: salad with white meat chicken and fresh (not canned) veggies: tomatoes, 2 kinds of lettuce, 2 kinds of shredded cabbage, shredded or sliced carrots, alfalfa or bean sprouts, zucchini, green or red peppers, hard boiled eggs, brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, tofu, cottage cheese...Instead of dressing, squeeze 1/4 tomato over it.

    Or homemade bean/vegetable soups; great way to recycle leftovers.

    Or grilled fish with steamed veggies.

    Or omelet: In blender, whip together eggs, tofu, cottage cheese, onions, garlic powder. Cook with mushrooms, chopped tomatoes and green or red peppers.

    Foods to avoid: junk food, fast foods, pastries, desserts, sugar, salty foods, syrup (even canned fruit in syrup), peanut butter, fat/grease (pork, wieners, chops, bacon, salami, pizza, chips, fries), pasta, potatoes, white bread, rice, canned veggies, ice cream, soda, chips. And of course no tobacco or alcohol in any form. Both of those add wrinkles and destroy your brain. No oil except olive and mac nut. Coffee also rots your brain.

    To keep your skin clear, drink water. Veg. juice is good too. But not canned juice (too much sugar.)

    Join a gym; they have all the equipment and staff to show you how to use it to get the look you want to achieve. Much cheaper than buying your own equipment. Go hiking, biking, jogging, bowling, swimming, rowing, jump rope, play tennis, badminton, volleyball, soccer, jumping jacks, lift weights, trampoline? To tone your tummy, do sit ups, push ups, pull ups, leg lifts, butt raises and crunches.

    If you lack energy, take Super B complex. Try appetite suppressants.

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