QBs - RG III, Wilson, Kapernick, Luck - do they all move their teams to the Playoffs this coming season?

Which will? which will be in the Superbowl?

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    7 years ago
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    Kaepernick 99% he will. He's talented and on the best roster ever possibly.

    Wilson 70% he will. There are many threats to take their wild card spot, and they have some suspensions for key players.

    Luck 60% he will. There are some other threats for the Colts to take their wild card spot, but he should make it again.

    RG3 35% he will. He's in a tough division and their defense is in trouble.

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    All of the ones you noted did take their teams to the playoffs last year.

    If you're asking who will repeat that feat?

    Wilson and Kapernick but those teams would get there with or without them. Neither of them is the strongest part of those teams.

    Would say no to RG III this year.

    And Luck, a strong maybe, he will by far have the better long term career than any of the other three.

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    I'm pretty certain that Kapernick and Luck move their teams to the playoffs by both winning their division. The Colts are working with a lot more than they were last year. And they are a better team this year than the Texans. The 49ers with all of those draft picks, great free agent picks and the talent they already have will likely be the toughest team in the NFL. And I think Kapernick has more potential than most give him credit for. I think Wilson has a great team but his division is quickly getting tougher. The 49ers are better. The Rams are getting all of those picks from trading the RG3 pick. And the Cardinals last year started 5-0 with a good defense, and they added two really good offensive coaches in Arians and Moore. Not to mention they'll have a veteran quarterback. Wilson may likely pull off a Wildcard, but I think a wild card will be much harder to pull off in the NFC than the AFC.

    The toughest job to return to the playoffs I think will fall to RG3. I think he has the worst coaches of the group. He's also going to be battling injuries. And the Giants or Cowboys could potentially give the Redskins a descent run. I also think teams may fair better against RG3's style of ball this year than last. They were unprepared for it last year. I don't think that happens this year.

    One guy you left out which I think will be interesting to watch this year is going to be Tannehill. The Dolphins and Tannehill showed some promise last year and they added quite a bit of talent to the team through free agency and the draft.

  • 7 years ago

    Robert Griffin - No, not this year I bet they'll go 9-7 and miss out as a wildcard with NYG winning the division.

    Russell Wilson - Probably, as the Seahawks are arguably the top two team in the NFC

    Colin Kaepernick - He won't move his team to the playoffs, they will move him.

    Andrew Luck - I say probably not. They've got a much tougher schedule than last year and still have no run game and a weak defense.

    ***Cam Newton - Yes as a wildcard, 10-6

    I say none of these QB's will be in the Superbowl this year.

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    7 years ago


    Do you realize that there were four QB's in the League who had made more passing attempts last season than Luck, including Tom Brady? You criticize Luck for throwing the ball "10,000 times a game," yet purposely neglect to mention the fact that your favorite player, Tom Brady, has thrown the ball more times.

    Also, Luck completed 54% of his passes, not 50. 54 is a far cry from 50.

    Also, you're, by far, the most annoying user on this site. All you do is rant, like a woman.

    I seriously don't think you have any friends in real life. I'm not being funny.

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    7 years ago

    Most likely Wilson and Kaepernick

    RG3 will struggle and so does Luck

  • 7 years ago

    Luck will not. Colts will not make the playoffs. Luck was garbage last year despite all the so called "experts and analysts" riding his d**k all year. His completion was trash, he had a ton of turnovers which always put his team in bad positions, and his accuracy was wild all year long. He makes poor decisions and I have no clue why everyone is so in love with him.

    "He took his team to the playoffs after being last place"

    LOL! He took his team to the playoffs with having 23 turnovers in 16 regular season games? Thats why they made the playoffs? LOL!

    Anyone who says Luck is good has no clue what they're talking about. He had a ton of passing yards? Yeah because he throws the ball 10,000 times per game, and 50% of those passes were incompletions or interceptions.

    @Milliner - The big difference is that Brady did not have 23 turnovers in 16 games. And Brady had a much higher completion percentage because he makes good decisions with the ball unlike Luck. Good QB's throw the ball away or take the sack..Bad QB's force bad passes which lead to turnovers. I am not comparing Luck to Brady, Im just pointing out the very obvious differences. And how much a difference is there between 54% and 50%? Not much. Both are not good. Luck beat up on weak teams with weak defenses, and he gets all of this praise for doing that. Good for him, how did he do against "a terrible" Patriots defense? LOL!!!!!! How about the Jets last year? What about the Jaguars? (9 vs Jets and 17 vs Jaguars) also 17 vs Browns..Fact is that defense saved his azz and that team...Not Luck!

    And I like how you say that I rant and complain...Yet your answer to this question was nothing but ranting and complaining about me? LOL! Hypocrite much? About 50% of your answers are complaints about me. Try answering the question next time!

    Milliner maybe you should know that you just flipped out on me just because you didnt agree with what I said....Just because you do not agree with it does not mean its not true. You flip out every single time you dont agree with me. Its my opinion! Why do you have to go off everytime you dont agree?

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    7 years ago

    kapernick maybe, but im going to roll with the bengals. they may not win but they got the talent.

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    7 years ago

    Luck won't win afc south... Maybe wildcard

  • 7 years ago

    I believe they all will, and the 49er's will win the SB.

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