The Bible says God made life, can any atheist prove otherwise?

If the bible is wrong, then can any atheist please prove how life did in fact come to exist? I don't want ideas, speculation etc. I just want to know if the atheist can actually provide the correct answer as they are so sure that God did not create life?

Remember, atheists don't do faith....they do evidence and proof. So lets have it. Evidence and proof. Not various speculations or theories. Many thanks.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago
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    I was there when life was created. I didn't see God.

    Oh, you don't think I was there, huh? Well where's your proof and evidence that I wasn't, smartass?

  • 7 years ago

    I just want to know if the atheist can actually provide the correct answer as they are so sure that God did not create life?

    - I can prove that the biblical version is a fantasy. All of genesis was plagiarized from the Sumerian tablets having nothing to do with deities so "god creating life" is a fantasy.

    - As to proving where life came from, we accept a natural process since that has proof. A deity magically forming life is a fantasy since you have yet to prove a deity exists and that what youi use as a proof is a well proven fantasy.

    - There you have actual evidence and proof and no speculation.

  • 6 years ago

    See that's the cool thing about proof and evidence, it's not just the people you disagree with who need to show proof, you need to show it too. And the way it is today, there's a lot more "proof" that the universe is billions of years old and we evolved from primates then there is for the idea God just dumped us here 6,000 years ago. Because that's what the bible says. To believe the bible is a textbook based on real events you have to ignore the science of geology; anthropology; astrology; cosmology; oceanography, pretty much ignore science altogether.

    Hey, do you have any kids? Because in Deuteronomy it says if your daughter is a virgin and someone rapes her then the rapist must pay you 50 shekels and marry your daughter, and justice is served. The bible is a Bronze Age book, written by Bronze Age men who came no closer to touching and seeing God than you have.

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  • Nous
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    7 years ago

    you cannot find a single shred of verifiable proof for that fraudulent claim!

    Mankind of one sort or another is over 2 MILLION years old, modern man 200,000 years old, Christianity just 2,000 years old with Islam an even younger 1,400 years old!

    If it was not for man god would not have been invented!

    Science explains the big bang was not from nothing but from a singularity that was all the matter and energy in the universe compressed into a single point that then expanded rapidly!

    So it was always here!

    But why are Christians always claiming the big bang came from nothing? Are they that ignorant? Did they sleep through school or is it that they know the truth but think they can twist it because everyone is gullible?!

    It is only Christians that claim that there was nothing and then god popped up out of nowhere and is supposed to have then produced everything from nothing!

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  • Frank
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    7 years ago

    "I don't want ideas, speculation etc" but the bible is just speculation.

    Faith is confidence or trust in a person, thing, deity, or in the doctrines or teachings of a religion. It may also be belief that is not based on proof

    no one knows for 100% how life came to exist not even the religious.

  • 7 years ago

    That's the last time I do any research for you, you do understand that there is an internet out there, just teeming with microscopic pieces of information that is accessible through the great information giver, Google, right?

    By the way, your entire religion is a lie, built on another lie, and so on, made purely for the purpose of controlling the population of entire nations. The birth and resurrection stories were completely made up to fit with the holidays of Saturnalia, and Eastre (christmas and easter), both being pagan festivals celebrating respectively; chaos and lawlessness, and the goddess of sex, love, death, and war.

    The problem with christians is that they are too obsessed with finding the "correct answer" and one upping everyone that doesn't believe in their religion to actually do any kind of learning in this life. Get out of your mom's basement and get a science book, leave the bible at home...

  • Alexis
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    7 years ago

    No, that isn't a falsifiable claim.

    If you'd like our most current understanding of the correct explanation, though:

    "Like any good scientific model, details regarding specific points are still subject to debate, but the general consensus is that life first formed when electrical currents passing through shallow pools of water full of organic compounds on the shoreline of Earth's primordial oceans formed simple amino acids out of these complex organic materials. The pools of amino acids evaporated and were irradiated by solar radiation from sunlight, and when the evaporated residue was repeatedly hydrated, evaporated, and irradiated, each cycle resulted in the formation of increasingly complex proteins. When these proteins were eventually exposed to phosphates, ribonucleotides were formed. These building blocks of life formed into RNA: long, nondeterministic, self-replicating carbon chain molecules of hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen, the precursor to DNA, which is the foundation of all life on Earth."

    --From: "From the Big Bang to Today":

  • The burden of proof is on the ones making the claim. And extraordainary claims require extraordainary evidence.

  • Just to clarify it is not our job to prove to you anything as we do not claim to know all the answers to our existence. You are the one claiming to have the answers so you are in the position to prove us God made life.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    confused by logic>>The Bible says God made life, can any atheist prove otherwise?

    wait..still waiting for a theist to prove he did...LOL!!

    If you can't we have nothing to disprove

  • Coop
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    7 years ago

    there's a wonderful thing called science, you should investigate it.

    if you wanted to seriously, you wouldn't be in this category asking for evidence of how life came to exist. faith is believing something without evidence, which is clearly not the case.

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