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How can I eat healthy and tone up?

I'm a 15 year old girl and I'm about 5'4 and 130 Ibs. I am not saying I'm fat because I am not, however I do feel like seen as summer is coming up, I want to have a better body just to feel more confident. My problem is that every time I mention it to someone in my family, they ignore me and say I'm fine. they keep on buying unhealthy food like chips, chocolate cookies, chocolate bars, fizzy drinks and I have to eat it because I'm living with my parents.

I want to know, how can I be healthier when my parents buy junk food? Also, how can I tone my thighs and my butt without going to the gym? My mum doesn't let me go to the gym



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    You don't have to eat that junk just because your parents buy it. My parents buy chips and pop and such, but I don't eat it. Instead I ask them to buy water, and fruits, and rice crackers as my own snacks. Ask your parents, or add them to the grocery list. Cook your own meals, or ask your parents if you can all start eating a bit healthier - don't say it's to lose weight, just to get healthy. You don't need a gym membership to tone up - I personally go running and do other exercises such as sit ups, squats, ect. and I also bought a yoga mat and some dumbbells. Squats are great for your bum and thighs, I do at least 50 a day. You could also bike, swim, look up yoga videos online, ect. Gym memberships really aren't all that useful - you can do most of the stuff at your house anyways.

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