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What job offers the following pay and conditions?

Present salary £66,000 rising to £86,000.

Hours of work.......Please yourself.

Expenses......Make up what you want.

Qualifications..... None required.

Pension.....Better than anyone else, except maybe Bankers.

No prizes for correct answer.

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    Hmm - you omitted to mention that for many MPs this is only a part-time job and 'flexi-hours' enable them to get a good extra screw as barristers, medical specialists, board directors, journalists, etc.

    Also, the generous holidays can be augmented by a Parliamentary fact-finding trip to say the South of France - to 'investigate' why Monaco gets more tourists than Margate.

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    That's not bad. Now, who offers this?

    200 quid a week, tax free

    Free house for life, and we'll even pay all your council tax and repairs and replace your windows and boiler when required.

    Unlimited time off. No travelling involved. Or any other inconvenience (like getting out of bed).

    No skills or motivation required. In fact we PREFER you be unskilled and unqualified and ***** idle..

    Normal state pension. No contributions necessary.

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    I can guess where your going with this but seeing it written down makes me realise this also applies to my ex boss. He never used to answer his phone as he believed the person ringing him for advice or help would seek advice & help elsewhere. His thing was the job would always get done regardless of weather he answered his phone or not. He was right so that then begged the question what was the point of his job.

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    An MP but even worse is the fact that many leaders of borough councils are earning £150,000 or more!!!!

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    Member of Parliament of course

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    & on top of that they get to

    rise through the ranks (more money

    & pension) get all the 'contacts' they

    will ever need !,get a PENSION !!,

    & then take that knowledge to the

    private sector (which WE paid for !),

    & begin to TAKE OUR MONEY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

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