How can I increase the power in my 04 Subaru Impreza Wrx without breaking the bank?

I need ways to increase the power, keep the gas milage, and spend as little as I can

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    7 years ago
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    A less-restrictive exhaust manifold and system, a better induction kit and an ECU re-flash or a chip-change are the starting-points. But you seem to be trying to do all this on a shoe-string budget. You can't have your cake, AND eat it. Also, you could strip the interior and fit just two light bucket seats up front - removing weight helps power, handling, economy AND braking.

  • 4 years ago

    Initially your mother should now not being buying your car. 2d your age is a factor to pressure the Subaru Impreza WRX 2007 model.. With the Subaru RX Impreza sporty but this will destroy you in with driving expertise. You appear eager and must consider while you get in the back of that wheel there may be greater than riding quick. There are lives to consider. If you have pushed over 6 years are so maybe If that is your first automobile i would say no as a large sister. Don't forget when persons tell you no it is considering that they care. Drive with care. Comply with all legal guidelines. Question do you gradual down before the velocity sign or after the speed signal Do you tail gate Do you do 40 k the entire method by means of a university zone or velocity through 1/2 approach,,, if you happen to answer yes to any of those go get drivers lesssons for roughly 3 years and get a Volkswagon.. Additionally your mother has the correct to prefer out any car she would prefer 1. It is her cash she has the right to pick and select 2. SHe is your mom moms comprehend pleasant. You would not see this now as you grow old you will experiment pressure the Subaru Imprezza RX new mannequin just out this week We simply bought one and it drives like the WRX with so many protection points i'd say this auto will win all awards hand down this year and about 650k a refill.. Soft and a quality speed now not as rapid because the WRX but close. High-quality of luck friendly advice..

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    Hi here in the united kingdom for use on the public highway this is not an option.

    why after years of so many accidents the insurances companies and the government have put a stop to it. they the government have an agency which checks out any car of this type and if it is found to be anything but a standard car they have it crushed. Vosa is the agency a test facility.

    so not telling the insurance company gets you a jail term along with it being crushed even if it ends up in just a small fender bender incident. or just stopped by the police after all they can't have you getting away from a police subaru can we.

    so the insurance company pull the plug on you as it is not a standard car and inform the police so you have no insurance and it is off to the crusher with the car.

  • 7 years ago

    if yo live in the US, get this If not tin the US, then find out what tuners in your area use for engine management and get a tune. A tune from a good tuner can increase power, reliability and even mileage. You can also have tunes altered later if you decide to add parts like an exhaust or intake.

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  • 7 years ago

    Place a bleed valve between the inlet manifold and wastegate actuator. Cost will be about AU$100. Only do this if you have an accurate boost gauge. A free flowing exhaust will compliment this immensely, however a straight through rear muffler will do. Remember : AIR = POWER. You will have to bypass or trick the boost solenoid by looping the boost inlet to the output side.


    Good luck!!

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    6 years ago

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