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change of flight fee for American Airlines round trip flight to Chile?

Flights booked on Sepetember 20, 2013 to change for another flight

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    There's no way for us to know, because we don't know what fare class is involved.

    "$150-$750 for international ticket

    Charges apply when making a change to any ticket before the day of travel. Amount varies depending upon the type of ticket purchased."

    As a general rule, the more discounted the fare, the higher the change fee.

    Then, there's the matter of the difference in fares...

  • Erika
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    4 years ago

    sure, this is a $a hundred provider fee, then they take the fee of the unique fee ticket and stick to it in direction of the recent fee ticket. If it is extra, you pay up. If it is much less, properly guess what, the airline keeps it, until it is considerable, then you certainly gets a voucher. whether the recent fee of the fee ticket is $a hundred much less, you nevertheless could pay the $a hundred provider cost. a sturdy internet site that permit you to comprehend while fares replace for an iternary is Farecast. verify it out!

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