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2013 NFL Playoffs predictions?

What are your predictions? Including who gets bye weeks, wildcard matchups, divisionals, and beyond, all the way to Super Bowl 48.

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    I would just like to see the Browns make the playoffs for a change.. Lol.....

    Source(s): Browns fan......
  • tang
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    3 years ago

    Broncos Texans Patriots Bengals Colts Ravens/Dolphin/ Steelers/ Seattle New Orleans green Bay Giants Niners Lions/ Falcons/ Skins conference Championship game: Broncos vs Pats or Texans , Saints vs Giants, Packers, Seahawks super Bowl : Broncos vs Saints Broncos win

  • 7 years ago

    Well, Patriots are always a threat, Baltimore is gutted so no repeat. I truly believe in the AFC it'll come down to the patriots and the broncos. In the NFC theres too many good teams to make a guess but Seatle, Atlanta or the 49ers

  • ?
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    7 years ago

    Wild Card round: Bengals over Colts, Patriots over Steelers, Falcons over Saints, Seahawks over Redskins.

    Byes: Broncos, Texans, Packers, Niners.

    Divisional round: Broncos over Bengals, Texans over Patriots, Seahawks over Packers, Niners over Falcons.

    Conference: Broncos over Texans, Seahawks over Niners.

    Super Bowl: Broncos over Seahawks

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  • Will
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    7 years ago

    Wild Card round: Cincinnati over Houston, New England over San Diego, Minnesota over Atlanta, Seattle over Washington.

    Byes: Denver, Indianapolis, New Orleans, Niners.

    Divisional round: Denver over Cincinnati, New England over Indianapolis, New Orleans over Seattle, Niners over Minnesota.

    Conference: Denver over New England, Niners over New Orleans.

    Super Bowl: Niners over Denver

  • 7 years ago

    All I hope for is the Packers and the Super Bowl 48.

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