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What should I be doing with 2-3 year olds?

I work in a pre-school and I have a key group of children aged older 2's and 3 year olds.

I struggle to find things that can benefit all children as all need different things.

What can I do to benefit everybody?


I know what I'm doing in my job thank you, But I haven't been in this job very looking so I'm just looking for a few ideas!

All the children are very different and I wanted some ideas of how to include all of them and have them all benefit from them.

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    have books out for them to explore and tell you about what they see in the books.

    use materials that increase find and gross motor skills, increase verbalization and interaction skills, independence washing hands, wiping nose, throwing away trash, using bathroom unassisted, teaching them to say please and thank you. Fine and gross motor movements. Following commands using music or games like simon says, musical chairs, promote critical thinking what are your doing, letting them make choices, pour milk, count, sing, look at the assessments you will be doing you can use some ideas from them to make lesson plans. Seiration, numbers, shapes, art, walking on lines tape masking tape to floor and let children walk with arms out, one foot in front of the other. Jump, hop, skip, planting corn or other like lima beans in milk carton and watch progress. Sink or float

    bubbles, relays, tip toe, gallop, using musical instruments, exploring the classroom without limitations.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Fun things.

    Children learn and develop better when they feel safe and relaxed and are doing enjoyable activities rather than boring ones.

    Activities such as:

    Making playdough together. Look for a recipie online, and get the children to have turns adding the ingredients to the bowl. You do the hot water obviously. Then you can all play with it. Make shapes, names out of the dough etc

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  • 7 years ago

    Get some cards with animals in it that they might know. Show them the picture and ask them what is the animal and what does a bear sound like? What does a cat sound like? etc. If they don't know you can sound like the animal and ask them to sound like you. This is for recognition and verbal response.

    You can tell them when you say a certain word to clap their hands. If they don't hear the word stop and say, "clap your hands." That gets them to listen and follow instructions.

    Play follow the leader. Or you can say we are going to pretend we are an airplanes, fish, ball, etc. Then let them follow you as you show them how to act. The ball you can bounce/jump around the room. The airplane or butterfly or bird you can fly around the room. This is for gross motor skills.

    You can get them to help stack blocks. Fine motor skills.

    You can take them outside to find rocks or leaves or flowers or clover. Science.

    Dancing is a great activity. Gross motor skills and kids love to dance.

    Coloring. Let them draw whatever they want. It doesn't matter what they draw just let them draw. Fine motor skills. Scribbling is the first step to them learning to write and draw.

    Nursery rhymes. Almost all kids know patty cake.

    Teach them to roll or throw a ball.

    You could do something like stand up, clap your hands, jump up, turn around. Where are your eyes, where are your ears, where is your nose, where is your mouth? :)

    If you would like a really good cd for the kids, look up "The Super Fun Show with Shawn Brown." It has really good music that all the kids enjoy listening to and very educational. I teach kids from 3 to 4.

    Hope these help.

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    Do a hands on story, example is the ginger bread man. Get the kids to chant out the key text " run, run as fast as you can, you cant catch me im the ginger bread man"

    You get a baking tin to tap, gingerbread cutter to pass round, dough smelling of ginger, you pass round some bits of ginger bread to taste. They could do a bit of dough work with cutters at the table and draw and cut out some gingerbread man shapes for them to decorate with buttons to stick on, bits of string, sequins for eyes.

    Just given you a whole project there. If in doubt get a book and work from there. If its about a dog, bring in what a dog needs, ball, bowel, food, brush, collar ETC. Stick to throw. Art. Design a dog kennel or dog toy. Bring in a toy dog and pretend to care for it. Do the home corner as a vets.

    Miss polly had a dolly book, doll, dolls bed, pretend medicine tub, stethoscope. Talk about being poorly, going to see the doctor. Art, do a doll face, get the children to put finger print spots on the face, play doctor and patient. Do the home corner as a hospital.

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    Eat thrm

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    7 years ago

    I'm sorry but it's extremely worrying thay you are in such a job and you have to ask online how to do your job.

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  • 7 years ago

    story reading

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  • 7 years ago

    try asking them what they like.

    there is always play-pretend

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