Christians please help?

Why doesn't God answer my prayer?

I am seeking God, I want to know if He's real.

My cell leader told me to pray to God, asking Him to reveal Himself.

And I did.

In fact I prayed many times asking for Him to reveal Himself by showing me a rainbow. Because to me, a rainbow is a symbol of God's promises.

It's been so long, why doesn't He answer? I can't understand why He doesn't want to answer, I mean, my request is according to His will. His will is for us to know Him, so why, when I ask, He doesn't answer?

It seems like God answers other people's prayers, but not mine. Does He hate me? Or am I doing anything wrong?

Didnt Jesus say that whoever comes to Him He will never drive away? (John 6:37)

I am always studying, and I put my studies as my 1st priority.

But that was last time. This year, I have decided to put God first, and I have been going to church every week, and this is something I wouldn't do in the past. I would have spent the time studying instead.

I have given up my time for Him, I pray, asking and asking.

Why doesn't God answer? I am desperate for Him, but I feel so far from Him, and that He doesn't care about me at all.

Please help.


@Believe what you know: how do I ask then? I want to know, yet I don't know what to do. I can only think of praying, but then you say it's wrong?

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    To find out why God allows suffering, we need to think back to the time when suffering began. When Satan led Adam and Eve into disobeying Jehovah, an important question was raised. Satan did not call into question Jehovah’s power. Even Satan knows that there is no limit to Jehovah’s power. Rather, Satan questioned Jehovah’s right to rule. By calling God a liar who withholds good from his subjects, Satan charged that Jehovah is a bad ruler. (Genesis 3:2-5) Satan implied that mankind would be better off without God’s rulership. This was an attack on Jehovah’s sovereignty, his right to rule.

    Adam and Eve rebelled against Jehovah. In effect, they said: ‘We do not need Jehovah as our Ruler. We can decide for ourselves what is right and what is wrong.’ How could Jehovah settle that issue? How could he teach all intelligent creatures that the rebels were wrong and that his way truly is best? Someone might say that God should simply have destroyed the rebels and made a fresh start. But Jehovah had stated his purpose to fill the earth with the offspring of Adam and Eve, and he wanted them to live in an earthly paradise. (Genesis 1:28) Jehovah always fulfills his purposes. (Isaiah 55:10, 11) Besides that, getting rid of the rebels in Eden would not have answered the question that had been raised regarding Jehovah’s right to rule.

    Let us consider an illustration. Imagine that a teacher is telling his students how to solve a difficult problem. A clever but rebellious student claims that the teacher’s way of solving the problem is wrong. Implying that the teacher is not capable, this rebel insists that he knows a much better way to solve the problem. Some students think that he is right, and they also become rebellious. What should the teacher do? If he throws the rebels out of the class, what will be the effect on the other students? Will they not believe that their fellow student and those who joined him are right? All the other students in the class might lose respect for the teacher, thinking that he is afraid of being proved wrong. But suppose that the teacher allows the rebel to show the class how he would solve the problem.

    Jehovah has done something similar to what the teacher does. Remember that the rebels in Eden were not the only ones involved. Millions of angels were watching. (Job 38:7; Daniel 7:10) How Jehovah handled the rebellion would greatly affect all those angels and eventually all intelligent creation. So, what has Jehovah done? He has allowed Satan to show how he would rule mankind. God has also allowed humans to govern themselves under Satan’s guidance.

    The teacher in our illustration knows that the rebel and the students on his side are wrong. But he also knows that allowing them the opportunity to try to prove their point will benefit the whole class. When the rebels fail, all honest students will see that the teacher is the only one qualified to lead the class. They will understand why the teacher thereafter removes any rebels from the class. Similarly, Jehovah knows that all honesthearted humans and angels will benefit from seeing that Satan and his fellow rebels have failed and that humans cannot govern themselves. Like Jeremiah of old, they will learn this vital truth: “I well know, O Jehovah, that to earthling man his way does not belong. It does not belong to man who is walking even to direct his step.”—Jeremiah 10:23.

    Why, though, has Jehovah allowed suffering to go on for so long? And why does he not prevent bad things from happening? Well, consider two things that the teacher in our illustration would not do. First, he would not stop the rebel student from presenting his case. Second, the teacher would not help the rebel to make his case. Similarly, consider two things that Jehovah has determined not to do. First, he has not stopped Satan and those who side with him from trying to prove that they are right. Allowing time to pass has thus been necessary. In the thousands of years of human history, mankind has been able to try every form of self-rule, or human government. Mankind has made some advances in science and other fields, but injustice, poverty, crime, and war have grown ever worse. Human rule has now been shown to be a failure.

    Second, Jehovah has not helped Satan to rule this world. If God were to prevent horrible crimes, for instance, would he not, in effect, be supporting the case of the rebels? Would God not be making people think that perhaps humans can govern themselves without disastrous results? If Jehovah were to act in that way, he would become party to a lie. However, “it is impossible for God to lie.”—Hebrews 6:18.

  • 7 years ago

    Don't be discouraged. It was 400 years from Malachi until the Advent of Jesus Christ and God didn't speak to Israel during those years through any other prophet either.

    In undisciplined prayer there are two wills at work: ours and God's. As servant who wishes to anticipate God's will the servant must have an idea as to the Master's will in the first place and then prepare to obey once that will is actually revealed by the Master. One way to discern God's will in things is to KNOW THE BIBLE. In the Bible is revealed the will of God and when a situation in life arises that is similar to what happen in Scripture, knowing God does not change (immutable) it will be easy to know what God's will is based on His will in the Scriptures already happened or occurred, then we pray that will and in God's time He will "move" and do something. For us it is important to not lose faith nor patience. Remember the 400 years for Israel.

    Don't serve God for what YOU can get out of it.

    Source(s): Bible
  • Linda
    Lv 7
    7 years ago

    Prayer is a gift that God gave His people. He does not communicate with anyone else. The only exception is a prayer or request for help in finding Him.

    Asking for him to give you a sign is 1. Silly. He doesn't tend to deal with the silly. 2. A waste of time. He is not going to give you or anyone else a personal sign to prove His existence.

    You say He does not answer you. Surprise!. Here is your answer. I am one of His servants who carry out His will and His will is for you to learn about Him and become one of His people. His people have been commissioned to teach those who desire to learn. Please contact Jehovah's witnesses. Don't waste time. Time is running short and there is so much yet to do. God has accepted your request but He cannot act until you do.

  • 7 years ago

    Philippians 4:6 dont be anxious over anything, but in everything prayer and suppilication+ along with thanksgiving let your petitions be made known to God

    He may answer you in a way that you would never expect and the timing may be when you least expect it. But will you recognize it?

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  • 7 years ago

    there is this song i like its a afrikaans song if i translate it goes "are you looking for jesus in babylon, well baby his disguised well" kinda hard translating but the thing is finding god can be complex-ed it never ends its why they say the bible stood the test of time , it can be simple and complex . you wana seek god go read that bible and put it into your daily life , start with proverbs . youll see god istn just a short course . faith is the only real thing in the world . kinda hard to just change your mind from grasping that and fully understanding . when songs and cars and all that sparkles has been dominating our minds since the first thing we saw .

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  • DML
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    7 years ago

    God speaks to us thru the bible. If u want answers read that. God does not manifest himself in rainbows or such today. All we need to know has already been recorded for us. The answers to your prayers are in the 66 books of the Bible.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Are you in desperate need of intervention? Are you on death's door?

    Live your life and you will begin to attribute things to God, Good things are a blessing from God, bad things are either a trial, punishment or a call to turn back to him.

    I am studying theology, so moral stand points, religion, kinda my thing

  • 7 years ago

    What matters to God

    Praying to God, not to Jesus, Mary, saints, angels, or images. Only Jehovah God is the “Hearer of prayer.”—Psalm 65:2.Praying in harmony with God’s will, or requirements, which are found in the Bible.—1 John 5:14.Praying in Jesus’ name, recognizing his authority. “No one comes to the Father except through me,” said Jesus.—John 14:6.Praying in faith, asking for more faith if needed.—Matthew 21:22; Luke 17:5.Being humble and sincere. The Bible says: “Jehovah is high, and yet the humble one he sees.”—Psalm 138:6.Being persistent. Jesus said: “Keep on asking, and it will be given you.”—Luke 11:9.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    "Prove you love me Daddy!!! Show me!"

    is what I hear.

    When Daddy comes home, he calls out to his kids, and they roll around on the floor giggling and tickling and belly raspberries. The kids let Daddy love them - and they love him back.

    Or, does Daddy step in the door and his kids come running to him with 'This is the list of stuff I want.'

    Really? Is THAT the kind of relationship you expect? Humble yourself friend - and know your maker doesn't owe you anything. He did answer your prayer. The answer (from a loving Father) is usually no to a child who selfishly makes demands.

    Edit: Believe Jesus is who he says he is, and if you don't understand his relationship to you, ask to know. Simple, sincere. Call out Jesus' name - see if he's in the house.

  • 7 years ago

    Hey there, God not only answers prayers, but he tests our patience, he's testing you. Dont give in, Believe in Him,The fact that you prayed to HIM shows you have some belief in him, HANG ON TIGHT.

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