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Is it true that muslim suicide bombers often wrap their genitals in something in order to preserve them...?

..for when they meet their virgins in heaven?

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    yeah they wrap up their genitals with 200 pounds of C4

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    I have a picture of one of these bombers after the event. A boy still looks in his teens just the upper chest and arms neck and head remain. He blow himself up in a crowded mosque in Iraq.

    So his God is going to be pleased at him for killing other Muslims, yes?

    Its a very sad picture of what old men encourage young men to do that they wont do themselves

    • rebellious6 years agoReport

      You nailed it sir. This: "old men encourage young men to do that they wont do themselves." That is the summary of Islam today.

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    you do know that islam is not that but you try to avoid the truth.

    70:42: So leave them to converse vainly and amuse themselves until they meet their Day which they are promised -

    70:43:The Day they will emerge from the graves rapidly as if they were, toward an erected idol, hastening.

    70:44:Their eyes humbled, humiliation will cover them. That is the Day which they had been promised.

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    Really? Did the Christians need bombs on their "genitals for their bombings and countless preists rapes, killings of children in schools and incest?

    Heres a little trip down memory lane, next time please lets not ask ignorant questions.

    -Oklahoma City Bombing

    -Abortion clinic bombing

    --Remember those sniper shootings? I think it was 1999. Church of God

    -Atlanta olympics bomb

    -The shoot-outs - Waco and Ruby Ridge

    I can go on if youd like...

    But the point is, killing in Islam, and im sure in Christianity is Forbidden and unacceptable. PERIOD. Im sure you go to hell for that

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    The night before a suicide bomber must martyr himself, he must cut off his penis and testicles and wrap them in a white silk cloth, give it to his wife, then he can commit martyrdom in the name of Allah.

    Source(s): Ahadith (forgot which verse)
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    I've never heard of a suicide bomber doing what they do for " virgins in heaven".

  • Habib
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    Never heard of it before. Not a clue.

    Source(s): a Maverick a Muslim (in faith)
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    you were in their pants...i guess o.0

    edit ;- saying the truth these days are costing me more and more fine ill post my short answer then

    A small minority of Muslims (who are not in the category of those who have nullified their Islam*) misunderstand the word shaheed (martyr) when it comes to war and the act of suicide.

    Muslims may engage in defensive wars and if they happen to die in this way, doing it for the sake of Allah, insha'Allah they die shaheed, and as we know, a shaheed may attain paradise.

    Hadith - Sahih Bukhari 1:35, Narrated Abu Huraira

    The Prophet said, "The person who participates in (Holy battles) in Allah's cause and nothing compels him to do so except belief in Allah and His Apostles, will be recompensed by Allah either with a reward, or booty (if he survives) or will be admitted to Paradise (if he is killed in the battle as a martyr). Had I not found it difficult for my followers, then I would not remain behind any sariya going for Jihad and I would have loved to be martyred in Allah's cause and then made alive, and then martyred and then made alive, and then again martyred in His cause."

    Some Muslims incorrectly think that suicidal bombings during war is not suicide but an act of defensive war. They see it the same as fighting with guns or swords in a war. However, shooting in a war, one goes in with the intention NOT to die. Using oneself as a walking or flying bomb, one goes in with the intention of killing oneself (and the perceived enemy).

    Sometimes a Muslim may have enough knowledge to quote the hadith in which it was said that the companions of Prophet Muhammad (saaws) would throw their bodies on top of the Prophet and were willing to take a hit for him. However, this does not mean they were intending to kill themselves! This means they were willing to perhaps take an attack to an arm or leg to prevent death to the Prophet saaws. Or that they would shield him and escort him to safety, and by shielding him, preventing the enemy from striking at that moment since the Prophet couldn't be clearly seen in the crowd. Putting oneself at risk is not the same thing as intending to do an act that would surely kill oneself!

    As we know, the religion of Islam is based upon intentions, as we are judged according to our intentions. A good deed is not accepted by Allah if we have intentions other than doing it for the sake of Allah, or if it is not in accordance with Quran and Sunnah.

    SUICIDAL BOMBINGS ARE AN ACT OF WAR **AND** SUICIDE and therefore haram (prohibited) since suicide (INTENTIONALLY KILLING ONESELF) is such a terrible sin with terrible consequences.

    In addition, such Muslims are completely unaware of the ayat (proof) against killing women and children. Ignorance is so sad. And any haram act by any Muslim anywhere, hurts the Muslim ummah as a whole.

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    If they do - it doesn't work.

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