have u ever heard a straight man saying "men R handsome"?women call each other"beautiful"?


as a straight man it surprises me how women call each other "beautiful" ,... almost never you will hear a man calling other man "handsome" ...also, it is common for women to say "all women are beautiful" but when have you heard a man saying "all men are handsome"

i know women will claim that men aren't allowed to call other men "handsome" but that's a silly argument...on the internet you don't see straight men calling other men "handsome", do you really think those men on the internet don't do such thing because they are afraid about being judged by strangers that they will never meet?????

so why does that happen???

also, i have heard men saying things like "all women are beautiful" i am a man who thinks like that... now, have you ever heard a woman saying "all men are handsome "




xkokp, those "straight" men aren't straight, they are gay, and any straight man will agree with me

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  • 7 years ago

    Straight men will call some men handsome if they fit societies definition of the ideal male physique.But you have to realize that men dont think men are the better looking than women by any stretch like women think women idealize beauty.

    Women often say finding a member of the same sex aesthetically pleasant doesn’t make them gay, and this is true. As a matter of fact, I believe anyone who hates his/her sex enough to consider his/her gender’s physique intrinsically ugly has issues.

    BUT, the archetypical woman doesn’t stop there, she also says “women are more attractive than men” and this time things are very different. When comparing men to women, they are judging a symbol (“beauty”) within a dichotomous layout; it has nothing to do with finding one’s sex aesthetically pleasant or not (a case we already exposed), this time it is about a “built in” (but moderated by society) bigotry which will render one sex’s physical characteristics more attractive than the other’s. This case obviously involves sexual orientation since the objects will be evaluated based on sexual attributes; and since both sexes are not equal, the result cannot be anything but a Boolean (either male characteristics render the male sex better looking or female characteristics render women better looking, someone who says they are equally beautiful is lying since we start from the basis of considering both sexes visually different and someone who says they are different is simply eluding the comparison while stating the obvious).

    Most women are lesbian (they find the female body more aesthetically pleasant , they prefer to look at women, etc.) leaning bisexuals (they look for providers, see sex as a job, etc) by nature; I don't get why people are so reluctant to accept this fact. I mean, it's hardly a revelation.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Men do not call other men handsome in-front of men but they do in front of women.

    So many times i would be walking with a guy friend and when a hot guy passes by he would joke that this guy caught my attention cause he is handsome.For women, it is not as weird because women are judged by beauty more so saying another woman is beautiful would be considered just a compliment.

  • 7 years ago

    Only Lank Thompson

    Source(s): SNL
  • 7 years ago

    I have heard straight men describe other men as handsome or good-looking.

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  • Heysql
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    7 years ago

    Welcome to society.

    Men have been brought up as a muscular figure, a example and a leader. This goes on all around the globe. Hence why sex discrimination is occurring.

    If you did hear a man say comments such as those you pointed out, I wouldn't be surprised if people thought he was gay. It's a norm that men don't say that it seems.

  • 7 years ago

    masculinity is man's prized possesion and we have standards for heterosexuality that cant be breached.Men are too uptight i guess, im straight and do think some men are handsome wouldnt want to have sex with them tho.

  • Women give more importance to beauty than men, for obvious reasons like men give more importance to career than women.

  • Evan
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    7 years ago

    I have when I was in elementary school, I think it was just to boost up kids self esteem.

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  • 7 years ago

    I completely agree, and have pondered about it from time to time. It just farther proves the theory that most women are bisexual, bi-curious or lesbians.

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