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Do you think gender is a huge factor when getting hired for a job? Have you ever been discriminated against?

I got denied a job because im a woman and im not strong enough to do the job

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    Frankly, I got discriminated against at school, but that's about where it stopped for me with the men. I got discriminated against mostly by other women. Interestingly enough, I got denied jobs by female recruiters. The ones I got accepted for were all by male recruiters. There was only one job that the female recruiter really wanted me for it, but she seemed like the confident, secure with self type. I even had a job denied once after I was initially accepted for the job by a male recruiter, but the problem was that I chose the job location at which one of the female recruiters was in charge (there were 4 recruiters from different departments amongst which these male and female recruiters were). Although I was good to go, she simply denied my job next time I went to start and never told me why. And she made sure to mock me in front of the HR, which were all females as well. I also have to mention that I was actually overqualified for this job, too. The male recruiters had no second thoughts about me being right for the job, but the female ones were really snarky and mean with me, including rolling eyes at me in front of me during the interview (gee, how professional, eh?). So yeah, I normally have issues with female recruiters and bosses. They simply just don't like me.

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    In my work atmosphere, I do repeatedly feel that i'm residing in a man's world. My male boss has a strong alternative for male workers, chiefly in accountable features. Feminine interns are most often given secretarial duties, whereas male interns are mainly given creative projects with obligations. Assertive female coworkers are frequently mentioned 'to not understand their situation', whereas an identical behaviour from male coworkers in the same/diminish positions is lauded as assertivity. Open job functions from ladies are generally grew to become away right away, whereas men are as a rule invited to come over for an interview, even if they don't have any qualifications or experience within the area. By some means the boss just by no means experiences his 'intuitive consciousness of talents' in ladies. However, I've experienced positive discrimination since of my gender too. After I used to be at university, a feminist professor organized a distinctive internship for me, which i do know she shouldn't have accomplished for a man. At a job interview with a lady, I wasn't asked about my capacities in multitasking (a requirement for the role) 'considering that multitasking comes natural to women'.

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    It depends on what kind of a job. If it's one I couldn't physically do, I don't think that's discrimination. It would mean I wasn't qualified for the job, because I couldn't do it.

    No, I don't think gender is a big factor any more when getting hired. In many fields, women are favored, so it all works out.

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    That's not discrimination. If you are not strong enough to do the job then you should not be hired.

    Where I work, there is a anti-male bias, and the women are catty/cause a lot of drama (with a couple of exceptions).

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    A lot of job adverts these days actually say "no white men" because of the obsession with quotas to get more women in well paid jobs.

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    It really depends on the job. If you're applying to be a daycare worker, you're not going to get the job if you're a guy. If you're applying to work on an oil rig, you're probably not getting the job if you're a woman.

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    No, you got denied because you are a person who cannot physically do the job!

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    Yup. Got denied cuz my nuts too big.

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