Verbally offered job but haven't received offer letter?

I was verbally offered a job last week with a large Fortune 1000 company and was told it would take a few days to get the official offer written and signed. In the meantime I was told I would receive an email about the next steps for the drug test. Now a week has gone by and I haven't received either. The company seems to be ignoring my phone calls and emails, and then i finally get someone on the phone. The HR associate informs me that there is a lot of reorganization going on in the dept. and that the VP wants to talk to me early next week. I still haven't received any paperwork or offer letter. Does this mean they are cancelling the offer or restructuring the position? If they are rescinding the job offer wouldn't they just explain that on the phone instead of having me meet with the VP?

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  • 8 years ago
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    That sounds weird. That's a strange way to do business. Tell them you think they are incompetent, and keep looking. Why should 'you' have to wait until 'they' are ready, before you can start earning? Don't trust them! Move on!

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  • perico
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    4 years ago

    RE: I accredited a job present verbally, however i have now not acquired any written job offer from the organisation. I am concerned I shouldn't have many important points about how the hiring method works. The one thing i know is that I accredited the job on the mobilephone more than 1 month in the past however i've now not got a proper written present. Aren't I presupposed to receive one detailing the earnings, the benefits and different details? I have no idea...

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