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Was my therapist's response normal or did she act like a freak show....?

I have a really big crush on my FORMER therapist.

I finally let her know via text. Since we parted ways, I had been calling

her about paperwork and tying up loose ends, as far as ending our therapy was concerned.

But a few nights ago, I finally told her about my crush.

She goes cold on me and stops returning my calls all the sudden.

Then finally after I sent her another text today asking what's wrong,

she called me back from the medical center's phone (not her personal cell).

She coldly said that my case file is clsoed, that she and I have no further business to attend to,

and that she would appreciate it if I stopped calling and texting.

She said all of the via voicemail because I didn't pick up.

I called her back on her cell but she didn't answer, so I sort of freaked out and wrote her some angry texts calling her a c-word and what not for failing to even address the fact that I had just poured my heart out to her.

Why was she so insensitive in the way she said goodbye?

I'm not her patient anymore so could it really have been fear of losing her job? I don't think so...

I could be a race thing (she's white. i'm black.)

Or maybe she's just a b*tch.

What's her issue?

p.s.==== I won't contact her anymore, but I'll never stop scratching my head over how rude she was.


BTW: I can accept that she might not like me, but the way she delivered the message

was more than harsh in my opinion.

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    She doesn't want to have an inappropriate relationship with a former patient. It's unprofessional, and she doesn't want something like that to question her credibility.

    She is being cold because she doesn't want to encourage your advancements. It's not because she's a *****, but it's because she doesn't want to give you any positive reinforcement. Remember, she's a therapist. She knows if she was nice to you, it would only make you think something could happen, when she knows she doesn't want it to.

    Also, she probably thinks you don't really like her because people oftentimes fall for those that are in nuturing positions in their lives based on the fact they think the person will take care of them, but in reality you don't really know who that person is. (People do this with doctors, teachers, etc all the time.)

    So, it's not that she's insensitive, she just doesn't want to encourage you because she thinks it's better for the both of you that way.

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    Therapists tend to remain highly proffesional which is the only thing that gets them far along. So it's okay. Maybe she likes you and is trying not to involve her feeling or maybe she doesn't and is finding a professional way to let you know

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    ...Obviously therapy hasn't done much for you so far.

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