The Last Emperor - How do you rate this film?

From 1-10?

2- Favorite scene or moment from this classic?

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  • 7 years ago
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    This is a tough one....

    There is much to admire in "The Last Emperor", but it is a movie that I at times found myself pondering the length as it at times would seem to be plodding along as it presented its history lesson. Still, it is clearly both a beautiful and interesting film.

    I'm giving it an "8.5"

    I think I have two favorite scenes:

    The new, young emperor running and frolicking through the colorful banners and legions of faithful as he is introduced to his subjects....Showed his innocence and the absurdity of a toddler ruler while regal in the simple pageantry.

    The "reformed" former emperor spying the communist leader who reformed him, now a victim of the changes in the cultural revolution, being driven and humiliated by his juvenile captors and mentors - unknowingly China repeating the absurdity of the children of absolute rule - and illustrating the ironies and mockery of a failed revolution for justice, freedom and rights of the individual.

  • 8. I enjyoed it a lot. Not sure I have a favorite scene, but the one i remember most was when the servants of the emperor smelled his poop and were excited by it when he was a kid.

  • 7 years ago

    I absolutely loved this film. I would say 9

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