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Please help me, confused with names?

Okay so I have narrowed down my fave names and now want to turn them into children's name including middle names but I'm so confused

Lilly-May Carol (carol is my grandmothers name)

I want to get my grandmothers name in here cause we are really close so want to dedicate this to her

Aria Elizabeth Rose (Elizabeth is my fave character from pride and prejudice)

Wanted to get Elizabeth in somewhere I just love her character and love the book

Jessie Doreen Grace (Doreen is my other grandmothers name)

I'm not that close with my other grandmother but I thought it would be slightly mean to honor one but not the other I really don't know should it just be Jessie Grace I'm confused

Emily Louise

I just really liked these names had them since I was like 11

Boys names

Riley Robert James ( Robert and James are both my grandfathers)

I'm really close to James but Robert died when I was like 7 so didn't really know him at all I don't know whether to just keep it as Riley James or Riley Robert James help

Eli Nathaniel (I just love these names)

Love them had them for at least 2 years now loved the name Eli since I was little

Jaime Jacobi ( I always used to spell Jaime like this so thought why not make everyone do the same)

Love both these name NN would be JJ obvs hehe

BQ wdyt of the names rate give opinion

BQ2 can you suggest NN for them

Thanks in advance


2 Answers

  • Seneca
    Lv 5
    7 years ago
    Favourite answer

    Lily-May Carol- I love how it has meaning, I think it's very old-fashioned, yet classy. I'm personally not a fan of Lily, it has become WAY to popular. 6/10

    Nicknames: Lil, LilyBug, LM

    Aria Elizabeth Rose- This is adorable! It flows nicely.I love the double middle names also. 9/10.

    Nicknames: Arie, A, (if you want to call her by middle names), Liz, Beth, Ellie-Rose

    Jessie Doreen Grace- I love this name, not even kidding! The Doreen makes it flow better as well. 10/10

    Nickname: Jess

    Emily Louise- The perfect county name, so cute! Also Emmalynn is a cute alternative for Emily, not as popular also. 8/10

    Nickname: Em, Emmy(Fav), Ems, Emmy-Lo

    Riley Robert James- Cute, I like it better with Robert, plus it's cool to say he has both of your grandpas names. 8/10

    Nickname: Rye, Riles, RiRi, RJ(w/o Robert)

    Eli Nathaniel- Very manly, will age well, flows nicely. I would prefer a full name for Eli, like Elijah or Eliah 8/10

    Nicknames: E, Els, (not too many because Eli is a NN)

    Jaime Jacobi- I like both names, they don't flow very well though... 6/10

    Nicknames- Jay, Jay Jay, Me,

    Good luck :)

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  • cosner
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    nicely I do think of that Mackenzie, Avery, Jamie, Cameron, and Ainsley are boys names. yet manes like Madison and Aubrey have been used lots as ladies names, that they must be seen unisex a minimum of. I constantly theory cameron and Ainsley have been boys names purely (I as quickly as heard of a Camryn, yet no longer many), using fact i will by no potential think of a woman Ainsley. Adrian and Adrienne are unisex names (-an or -en for boys, -enne or -anne for females), and that i additionally think of that Avery is an fairly unisex call. i understand woman Avery's and boy Avery's. I additionally think of that Ashton, Bailey, Blair, Casey, Dakota, Darren (I also have a woman Deryn in my type), Devon, Jordan, Kendall, Lee (Leigh), and others are unisex. ultimately, I hate straight away out boys names for females. Michael, Ryan, James, they are BOY'S NAMES. My brother's call is Rylan (Irish boy's call), and somebody asked if it replaced right into a woman! My grandma stated she observed the baptism of a woman descendant named Rylanne. nevertheless stated Ry-lin, no longer Ry-lann or something. a number of them are ridiculous. in case you may no longer call a boy Sue, you may no longer call a woman Thomas! P.S. Gabriel continues to be a boy's call. yet Gabrielle (GAH-bree-ELLE no longer gay-bree-el) is a ladies call. As is Gabriella (GAH-bree-ELLE-uh)

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