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Which is better printer - 2 ink cartridges or 4 ink cartridges?

I've been using a HP All-in-one printer for about 4 years now and thinking about getting a new one. After online searches, I notice some differences. My current printer, HP Deskjet F4280 has 2 ink cartridges - Black and Color cartridge. Some printers I've looked through, i.e. HP or Brother, have 4 ink cartridges - Black, Yellow, Magenta and Blue. I wonder which is better in terms of printing documents and some photo printings. Thank you in advance for any reply :]

2 Answers

  • 7 years ago

    I have always favored the 4 cartridge printers it gives more versatility when it comes to color. The colors on the page look better also. I think they look more vibrant. The only downside is that sometimes the cartridges can be kinda expensive especially if your having to buy 4 of them.

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  • 3 years ago

    Greetings! I actual have the canon and purchase from ink 4 a lot less like 10 cartridges at a time for the deep less expensive they offer. The slender fee like 4 and the tremendous black one 5. Plus, i love the canon printer. i exploit it and cameras a lot. Canon for the money for me the digital camera labored tremendous. so at the same time as i mandatory a clean printer i tried them and became not disillusioned. Oops am I sounding like a commercial? I merely understand how such an excellent number of take earnings persons at the same time as it includes printers so if we hit upon something solid, we ought to continually spread the note, appropriate/ thanks solid success

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