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Dear Yahoo, please turn my yahoo format to the classic one because I really do not like the new version since?

it looks so ugly and so rigid (ugly colour). The old one is so beautiful makes me open my yahoo mail lots of time. Since I change to the new one, I do not want to open my yahoo mail anymore. Thank you.

My mail address is

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  • 7 years ago
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    a few months ago they tried to get people to switch and said if you do you can't switch back.

    I wouldn't switch.

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  • Alan
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    7 years ago

    Contrary to some other contributors there are still several working links to get mail classic at this time however I feel I should only mention one at a time so the yahoo enforcer squad does not close them all down at once. Beware the flying monkeys.

    You should try this link this should give you classic mail version, best to bookmark link new mail may reset after closing.

    Don't get used to it, the notice is out basically switch to new or get lost, if your computer not up to new they will have a very basic version, will not be surprised if turns out to be similar to classic, but they seem to plan to make getting there difficult.

    How do you feel about the new homepage and mail? Let them know at , if we don't complain they believe we accept the change, we all lose.

    Source(s): Recently received email Welcome to the new Yahoo! Mail. Chief of Flying Monkey Squadron David McDowell Sr. Director of Product Management Yahoo! Mail
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