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Fatal error 1603 when trying to install gmail video chat, or hangout.?

I have been trying to get the gmail video feature or hangout,to work on my p.c. but keep getting the fatal error 1603 window come up. I can't seem to clear this error, so far all of the information about this I have found on-line seems to be at best 2 years out of date, and not applicable to my p.c. I am running windows 7 on a ASUS desktop 32 bit. Please if anyone can help, keep it dead simple as I am by no means a computer buff! It was working O.K. for a couple of days but something somewhere has changed. I have run all of my malware and security scans and all is now clear of any possible viruses! many thanks.


Well absolutely no answers at all, what a surprise, fortunately I have been shown how to completely clear this problem,by a pure chance comment from an acquaintance who once worked in I,T, and I know now just how simple and easy it is to clear if it occurs again for FREE! My P.C. is as clear clean and fast as it was when new!

So no points or prizes this time folks!

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    try running norton virus check.

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    i'm uncertain. i offered the interest from Steam and that i've got homestead windows suitable sixty 4 bit w/ SP1 and that i'm getting the comparable errors. All i've got been analyzing is that its a provider %. project and that's on the Steam boards to boot as GTA boards etc. in case you have XP run SP3 in case you have Vista make certain you have SP1. properly I definitely have SP1 and nevertheless no longer something. I definitely have restarted steam, restarted my gadget, and uninstalled GTA4 and reinstalled and that i'm getting the comparable errors. i'm at present reinstalling yet I doubt it is going to paintings. Lemme recognize in case you get something resolved. EDIT: I have been given it to paintings. What I did replaced into I reinstalled my photos drivers. even however they have been up thus far, i think it replaced into something fishy to do with R* video games. besides, only pass and reinstall your drivers (whether they are up thus far which mine have been) and notice if that works.

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