How make friends with recent enemies?

My "friend" hates me because I got my revenge on minecraft after he blew up my base so i decided to get one back by logging on to his account which he gave me, and i took my stuff that i gave him and some of the stuff is what i payed for in real life + I blew up his base by playing as him. But he takes this game so seriously (Minecraft).

He absolutely hates me now. Just he has threatened to hit me at school on Monday, i'm a weak kinda guy in the year below him at school. We are both in high school (UK). Anyway I want him to just chill out and be friends with him but how? Anyway i did tell him it's just a game but he keeps saying he doesn't care. Now i'm kinda worried.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Some people are like that with games...

    Maybe you could stop playing minecraft with him? Then he wouldn't have a reason to hate you so much. And if he threatened to hit you....well, you might wanna stay away

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