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Price of alcohol in Rome, Italy?

What are the prices of alcoholic drinks in Rome, Italy, in all kinds of places - clubs, bars, restaurants and shops. I am going there in the summer and as (To be honest) this is where most of my money will go, I want to know how much to take and what prices to expect in various places.

Please use sources if you can, Thank You (:

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    The question makes sense, actually, as prices of alcoholic beverages may vary a lot between countries (and that's mostly because of taxes!).

    - In supermarkets, a decent wine is at around 4-5€ (note that "decent wine" in Italy means "very good wine" in the US ;) ), beer around 2-3€ (3 bottles of 33cl each) and spirits between 6€ (like Vodka) to 20€ ("exotic" spirits)

    - in bars, it varies a lot.

    A pint of beer is usually around 3-5€.

    Shots are somehow cheaper (3-4€) while long drinks are usually around 5-8€.

    Of course, this varies a lot depending on the bar, the place, etc... I'm talking about "normal" bars, here.

    - in pizzerias it's more or less like in bars, and it may be more expensive if you go to good restaurants.

    - in clubs it's where drinks are most expensive.

    Here, it varies from club to club, but you usually are given a "drink card" where every drink is priced around 8-10€ (often the first drink is "free" with the entrance).

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    Price Of Food In Rome

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    A bottle of mid-range wine can be found for about €5.50 at the store, while a bottle of beer will run about €1.30 – €1.80, depending on whether it is local or imported.

    Have in mind that beer in restaurants can get pricy – about €3.60-€3.80 per bottle (you can add up about €1.00 for places like Venice). In Rome specifically, a beer at a bar is sold at an average price of about €4.50.

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    Bars are about the same, as is restaurant wine, give or take. Liquor store prices tend to be something cheaper. Scotch, for instance, is cheaper. Than America, that is.

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    seriously........Italy is not on the moon.

    What do you pay for drinks where you are?

    Well, there ya go...........about the same in Italy. You have high priced bars and restaurants, same as anywhere else.....and you have soda vendors and McDonalds, same as anywhere else.

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    10 euro Vodka

    Vino 6 euro

    gin 10 euro

    not too much

    Source(s): I'm Italian
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