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Is this Greek correct?

Okay so I'm getting a tattoo tomorrow and I want it to say "always my father" in Greek which I translated and got this Πάντα ο πατέρας μου is this correct ps I mean as in father like dad any help would be great thanks

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    Yes, it is correct.

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    Though the spelling is correct and though the meaning is not wrong, personally I don't like it. This sentence lacks some Greek spirit. You need something which sounds more Greek. (If this what you want.) I mean you need something which will express the deepest love you have for your father. For english this is easy because you can use e.g some capitalization. For example "father I love YOU". In this case "you" provides some action, some emotions, some power... something real you have for your father. But for Greek you need to use a verb... for example:

    Greek - Greeklish* - English

    1) Θα είσαι πάντα ο πατέρας μου = Tha eisai panta o pateras mou = You will always be my father

    2) Πατέρα σε αγαπώ = Patera se agapo = Father I love you

    (Of course instead of "love" you can use another word)

    Or something similar....

    Greeklish* = Greek words/meaning with Latin characters

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