How make friends with recent enemies?

My "friend" hates me because I beat him at a game. But he takes this game so seriously (Minecraft).

He absolutely hates me now. Just he has threatened to hit me at school on Monday, i'm a weak kinda guy in the year below him at school. We are both in high school (UK). Anyway I want him to just chill out and be friends with him but how?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Lol, I find it incredibly cute how guys love to play minecraft in europe :D it's adorable and dorky and I will probably never play it haha. Okay, like you said, it's just a game. Tell him that, tell him you're friends and you'd help him get better at "minecraft" if that's possible. And if he's still sulking, play against him again and win just to piss him off. Haha. If he so much lays a finger on you, sue him or his family :D . Anyway, you must have other friends, right? Hang out with those! :) and thAt means going outside, and catching a movie or sth .. Not playing some video game :D

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