Why do radical muslims blow stuff up?

As a Muslim it confuses me is there a quote in the quran there following ? it makes no sense

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    7 years ago
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    most you're getting is war propaganda, how long have the us been at war, always a new enemy, now it's north korea, iran etc... they are mainly just the people of the countries defending themselves.. some may go far though this is only a reaction to what is being done to them and not at all for religious reasons, and also i question many of the stories being put across.

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    7 years ago

    That's like asking why Christians in centuries past were big on burning people alive.

    Someone does something a particular way, then everybody else jumps on the bandwagon.

    IMHO, Muslims would be viewed with far less suspicion of more of them spoke out against these terrorists instead of saying ,Yeah, but X is bad too" or "they're not real Muslims." Stand up for what's right.

    A christian terrorist would have his own congregation carry him bodily to the police station.

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  • You won't like this, but I believe it is because the Koran can't be understood without help of the ahadith (Bukhari and Muslim) and biographies of Ibn Ishaq, Tabari and Ibn Sa'd. But those latter show Mohammed often behaving in very violent forceful ways. So the muslim radicals believe Mohammed was right in all his ways, and so copy his violent acts and more violent teaching. But most muslims apparently are not even well educated in the Koran according to ex-muslims like Ali Sina and Ibn Warraq, so they are often as surprised as non-muslims.

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    3 years ago

    Muslims aren`t radical extremes, they are individuals of a sect that plans to smash Israel and western countrie and the different u . s . that receives of their way. Their Quran instructions them to kill people who do no longer connect their faith, so individuals get waiting to the two grow to be Muslims or die. they have broken each peace treaty and could proceed to realize this by way of fact their schedule isn't peace yet international domination and their Muslim sect the only faith allowed. Judaism and Christianity are religions that constantlly seek for peace no longer conflict and violence. If the Arabs had regularly occurring the United countries determination 181 back in 1947 like the Israelites did there may be peace interior the middle East rather of continued wars and violence. Muslims can under no circumstances be relied directly to maintain a peace treaty which will final. They settle for peace treaties whith each purpose of breaking them while it`s handy to advance Islam regime, which will pass directly to realize their one government one faith rule of the entire international.

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    7 years ago

    It's nothing that Jews and Christians didn't do.

    Muslims got here last,they need to catch up,and drown out their natural inferiority feelings.

    They haven't even managed to be original,they stole jewish and christian bits that suited them politically.

    Inferior and second ,third rate.

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    Maybe it's not Muslims. Maybe it's a Government that hatch the plans secretly and blames it on certain Muslim groups? Just a thought.

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    Because the Muslim Jesus is suppose to come back and kill all the Christians and Jews, so they think its their job too I guess!

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    7 years ago

    Same reason Christians killed non-Christians (including "witches") for so many years: their holy book tells them to.

    Largely, however, Christians have grown up, and live in societies that are civilized. Muslims largely live in third-world, backwards countries.

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    Its an attack on the western worlds infidels (non believers). ironic islam is the religion of love and peace.

    Islam did not get here until very late in history. 600 years after christianity. with that in mind , bit of a bloody cheek huh !!!

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    Because they are natural born dim wits.

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