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Cary Grant or Mae West?

who was a bigger star? i dont like her she overacts and credits herself with discovering Grant yet he was in Blonde Venus with Marlene Dietrich a better actress

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    Mae West asked for the young Cary Grant for her film 'She Done Him Wrong' (I believe. Could remember it wrong.) He became a big star after that and she took some credit, but I think he would have been a big star anyway. He had a longer career, and I think he ended up a bigger star than she did, but also he as a better actor and had a wider range.

    Marlene Dietrich was DEFINITELY a better actress! But there was only one Mae West, and for what she did nobody could have done it better.

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    Cary Grant :)

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    Do not ask any more of your questions in the UK. Spread the word around.

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