Who do you support in the IPL? Your home team or your favorite player’s team?

I am basically from Garhwal but was brought up in Delhi. Not my entire age but I’ve spent my considerable amount of life in Delhi. So, its but obvious that (like many others), I call myself a Delhite. But I support Mumbai Indians just because of Sachin, although in my entire life I’ve been to Mumbai just 7-8 times only.

So, who do you support in the IPL? Your home team (most of them do) or the team that your favorite player plays in? Honestly I think, if Uttarakhand had a team, I’d have supported them prior to Mumbai.

BQ) How do you feel when your home team gets beaten by the one for which favorite player plays for or vice versa? Today, I want MIs to win but won’t feel that disappointed if DD wins. What about you?


But, I have seen many of my classmates hate KKR for no reason and support teams like RR & RCB and enjoy when KKR loses.

Oh C'mon Mr. Meow, for no reason? You well know the reason, don't you? :-)

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    I really don't consider any of the teams as my home team, as I have lived in many of these cities. As to players, I have quite a few favourites, some of them foreigners and they are distributed over four teams and of those one has a player I almost hate..... as a result, I am left with three favourite teams and I have noticed that when two of those 3 play against each other, I get fairly neutral.

    I don't like KKR because of SRK.... SRK used to be my favourite actor in the beginning but somehow over the years I developed some kind of aversion for him and frankly I have not been able to fathom the root cause for that till date.

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    I will always support my home team. My first preference is the Kolkata Knight Riders. Doesn't matter who plays for it or who doesn't, it is my home and I feel I must be loyal to it. Then comes RCB because my favourite modern cricketer plays in it, Virat Kohli, But I would never want them to win the trophy because I haaaaattttteeeee their owners. -_- They must lose the semi finals every time. But, I have seen many of my classmates hate KKR for no reason and support teams like RR & RCB and enjoy when KKR loses.

    Had a huge altercation last night and decided to support only my home team, Virat Kohli & Rahul Dravid. Not their teams.

    I started supporting RCB as my second team from the first season because they had guys like Dravid & Kumble.

    BQ: Happened just yesterday. Some guys did start making fun of KKR after the loss but I took it positively and it was however pleasing to see a smile on Dravid's face after the match. Hope this doesn't happpen again cause the next match is KKR v RCB. :P

    And I support Delhi too since many of my relatives stay there and I visit often, a soft corner, just.


  • Iam a Tamilian but was born and brought up in Mumbai.So for me,I support Mumbai as well as CSK equally but that comes only after Delhi since Sehwag my favourite player is playing for that side,hopefully Delhi start winning some matches quickly.

    BQ)Its difficult to answer,I will have mixed emotions,it happened in the last match between MI and CSK.Today,am hoping for Delhi to win but I would feel bad if Mumbai lose since I like both Sachin and Ricky as well and know how famous Sachin here is.

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    I am from Bhopal,Madhya Pradesh and like Pune as all the MP players --- Mohnish Mishra,Ishwar Pandey,Taduri Sudhindra etc ---- play for Pune and I like RCB also because they have a great team and with Gayle and Dilshan in the team,they are the second favorites to win after CSK who have been a good team but I hate them because I hate every dominating team-Man U from English football,Barcelona from Spanish football,Victorian Bush-rangers from Australian cricket etc. but I don't know the actual reason.My favorite player is Sachin but I hate MI because I don't like Ponting.

    BQ:As I don't have a home team,so I could not answer

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    Obviously a bit hard to follow a home team (unless the small Queensland country town of Finch-Hatton [pop. c. 500] ever fields a squad in the IPL, which is highly unlikely!).

    I used to follow Punjab because Gilly was playing there post retirement. I've jumped ship this year to MI because I like the theatre of seeing Tendulkar and Ponting turning out for the same team.

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    A team is managed by a franchisee which has interest in commerce then What is this home team , In what way we are related with them. Why should we support them. My suggestion is just enjoy the game without bothering of which team is playing. With the help of media the business tycoons exploiting the emotions of innocent people. Why do we fall into trap. India is already divided amongst cast , creed , race, religion which is the reason of formation of coalition governments . We are adding or helping to the misery. Friend please think over it.

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    So that means that when Sachin leaves you'll keep band wagonning the team he plays for.

    To answer your question I'm not Indian but I support KXIP because there's also a Punjab in Pakistan. I don't watch IPL much btw.

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    I born/live in Haryana and Delhi is very near to my hometown (Punjab isnt far either) but I never think about region-wise. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari everything is mine, and I belong to everything. I support teams on the basis of their players and captains.

    I support CSK > RCB > KKR > MI > RR

    I support CSK mainly because of Mahender Singh Dhoni and the fact that he is also the captain of Indian cricket Team.

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    I'm from Bombay. So I should be supporting Mumbai Indians, no? WRONG!. I support the mighty Royal Challengers Bangalore. Why?.. Because Dan Vettori plays (well coaches) for them. I am also a Kiwi, so very biased towards teams with Kiwis in them.

    BQ- If my fav player in the other team was the reason for them winning, then i wouldn't mind. If he wasn't, Then it was probably just a fluke.

  • I am from Chhattisgarh. I don't have a home team. I support MI because of Sachin and RCB because of Gayle. Had Ganguly played this IPL I could have supported his team. I used to like him even more than Sachin.

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